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Los Cabos Tourists Feel Safer Than Ever According To New Report

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The destination of Los Cabos has taken huge strides to improve traveler safety and security over the past few years.

Huge investments in modern equipment, manpower, and even close training and advisor programs with U.S. law enforcement officers have seen the destination continue to improve its already positive image for security.

But while these initiatives are super-welcome among travelers, up until now it was difficult to know what effect it was having on how travelers feel while visiting the destination.

So, with the purpose of finding out the truth, the Tourism Trust of Los Cabos (FITURCA) undertook the latest annual large survey of travelers to get the answer to the all-important question…

Do travelers feel safe in Los Cabos?

Los Cabos Tourists Feel Safer Than Ever According To New Report

A Positive Trend

The result of the most recent survey was extremely positive, with travelers reporting feeling safe while on their hard-earned vacation to Los Cabos.

What’s more, the latest survey shows a slight increase on the last one, which is an important sign that security in Los Cabos continues to move in the right direction.

Travelers eating at a restaurant in Los Cabos

Locals Benefit

While many of the initiatives in Los Cabos are geared towards protecting the destination’s tourism image, the benefits of this have impacted the locals in a happy and positive way.

Among locals who were also recently surveyed, over 75% stated they felt that the destination was safe.

To put that statistic into perspective, in a similar survey from across the U.S., about 52% of Americans reported being concerned for their safety on a daily basis.

Police truck in Los Cabos

People who live in an area have a much more long-term and wide-reaching view; with time comes understanding, and the fact that so many of the people who call Los Cabos home also see the destination as safe is a huge positive for travelers.

Additionally, in any destination, it’s important for tourism to be positive in the lives of locals to protect the welcoming response that travelers receive.

In that regard, travelers continued choice of Los Cabos as their vacation destination is helping to drive this peaceful corner of Mexico even further forward.

Police car in front of trees

Committed To Improvement

There’s a very honest approach to security in Los Cabos. The local government and law enforcement have been very open to criticism and have taken this criticism and advice on board to help invent new initiatives that will have a positive effect.

Any travelers who keep up with the news in the destination will no doubt have noticed that as one initiative is put into action, the next is quickly announced.

This constant drive to improve is highly commendable and further confirms the destination’s commitment to its responsibility of protecting visitors.

Police Checking the Bags of Vendors on a Los Cabos Beach

What Travelers Should Be Aware Of

Thankfully, violent crime committed against travelers is extremely rare in Los Cabos. The vast majority of instances here are petty and opportunistic in nature.

Low-level street scams and pickpocketing can happen, and travelers should keep their wits about them outside of the resort to help avoid being in a negative situation.

Travelers walking through a market

But travelers also shouldn’t let worry affect their vacation. To put it into perspective, the crime rate in Los Cabos in 2021 (crime statistics often lag) was 138 crimes per 100,000 people. In the same year, the crime rate in San Diego, CA was 374 crimes per 100,000 people.

That means that travelers are 92% more likely to be a victim of crime in San Diego, than in Los Cabos, which is no small difference.

View of beach in los cabos

A Secret Indicator

Americans, when traveling abroad, have a secret indicator for the true level of safety in a destination.

The U.S. Government is extremely strict about which cities, districts, states, and even countries their employees are allowed to visit.

US department of state sign

Across Mexico, there are many areas where these employees are either banned from going or are advised not to travel to. Many of which are themselves considered perfectly safe for the average traveler.

In terms of Los Cabos, there are ZERO restrictions currently for U.S. Government employees when visiting. This alone is a huge seal of approval for Americans thinking of having their dream vacation in the destination.

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