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Tourists Should Expect Delays On The Main Los Cabos Highway

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In the next two weeks, travelers to Los Cabos should prepare for delays on the main highway between Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo and the Los Cabos International Airport.

A construction project that will add pedestrian overpasses and other safety features to major points of the road will lead to traffic delays and roadway lane restrictions for tourists.

New Pedestrian Bridges

The first pedestrian bridge on the major highway that includes Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and the Los Cabos International Airport will be built at the Costco shopping center just east of Cabo San Lucas.

The Transpeninsular Highway in Los Cabos

It will be similar in structure to the pedestrian bridge located at the Soriana Hyper shopping center in Cabo San Lucas.

The exact location is to be determined, but it may link the Costco shopping center to the Holiday Inn Express located across the street.

A second pedestrian bridge is being planned for the Cerro Colorado area.

Humps That Go Bump

Speed bump on road in Mexico

Another announcement that is bound to disappoint travelers and locals alike was the announcement that Los Cabos officials plan to create traffic humps, or speed bumps, on the most urban sections of the Transpeninsular Highway.

Speed bumps, also known as “topes” in Mexico, are actually common roadway features on rural highways. However, they are not uncommon in urban roadways.

They will definitely not be a new welcomed feature on the Transpeninsular Highway in Los Cabos because they will force cars to slow down in urban areas and increase transportation times for visitors to the beach resort destination.

Los Cabos officials also plan to install additional traffic lights and other measures to increase the safety of drivers and tourists in the community.

National Guard on road patrol

Increased Fines for Speeding

The last initiative will most likely hit locals more in the pocketbook than visitors to Los Cabos.

However, those who do choose to rent a car and drive on their vacation getaway need to know that Los Cabos is planning to increase the fine for speeding.

This is in direct response to the increase in accidents in the beach resort community from drivers who are constantly driving in excess of the posted speed limits.

Ambulance at a traffic accident

The fine for speeding in Los Cabos will be increasing soon to $30,000 pesos or more than $1,700 US dollars.

Being caught speeding will definitely ruin a vacation getaway and is something tourists driving in Los Cabos will definitely want to be careful not to do.

Tourists Beware of the Transpeninsular Highway

With all of the new rules, regulations, and roadway features coming soon to Los Cabos, travelers will have to weigh the advantage of renting a car when driving in Los Cabos.

Road Leading to San Jose del Cabo with Cars on the Road and Hills in the Background

As long as the speed limits are observed, tourists should be fine driving in Los Cabos.

It is not known how lenient the local municipal police and National Guard troops will be on the local roadways. Visitors should assume strict enforcement of the speed limit or risk a more than $1,700 traffic fine.

As for the pedestrian bridges, there should be little to no impact on tourists. However, it may at times speed up the roadway because vehicles will not have to wait for pedestrians crossing the road.

The speed bumps, however, are another concern for visitors to Los Cabos.

cab in a mexican beach town with speed bumps

While the exact number and location of speed bumps have been announced, travelers can expect that they will function as designed to slow the speed of traffic.

They will potentially increase the amount of traffic slowdowns on the Transpeninsular Highway and will add to delays for visitors when driving, or even riding, around Los Cabos or getting to the Los Cabos International Airport.

It might be more beneficial for travelers to Los Cabos to use the highway bypass and pay the toll depending on the time delay impacts from the speed bumps.

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Saturday 30th of September 2023

Having spent a considerable amount time in Cabo, my experience is that the speeders are usually taxis, hotel delivery SUVs and the activities operators. Apparently the saying 'Time is money' applies here as well.


Friday 29th of September 2023

A $1,700 speeding fine is just another reason for the local police to stop you and leverage you to get money on the side of the road. The fine is egregious and if I could cancel my current trip I would do so but I won't be going back to Cabo in the future. Pure grift.


Friday 29th of September 2023

Any updates on improving the round about by La Comer as you come into San Jose from the south?