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Two Los Cabos Tourists Drown Over The Weekend

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Tragedy struck the Los Cabos area when two tourists drowned over the weekend. Authorities have not released the names of the victims. The incident took place along the tourist corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Ambulance driving down the road

Details of the incident

According to reports, the two victims, both women between 35 and 40 years old, walked along the beach next to Ventanas del Paraiso on Sunday morning at around 11:30 am. One of the women got swept off her feet by a large wave and pulled into the water. The second woman tried to help and got pulled into the water as well.

There were lifeguards on duty, and they eventually pulled both women from the water. However, by that time neither victim had vital signs. The reports indicate firefighters showed up to try and assist in the rescue and lifesaving efforts of the two victims. Apparently, the victims were on vacation in the San Jose del Cabo area for the weekend. The victim’s families were notified of the incident and arrived in the area this past weekend.

Mexican police on beach

Leticia Rivera Leggs, the municipal director of Civil Protection, stated that “ it is very sad to have a loss of human lives. Unfortunately, the people who visit this beach sometimes do not know the magnitude of the waves and that the sea becomes treacherous.” 

Leggs confirmed that the hotel staff alerts visitors of beach conditions. Also, lifeguards do their best to inform guests of the danger of the sea, but some get too close and trust that the sea is calm.

lifeguards on beach

Warning flags for dangerous beach conditions

One of the main reasons tourists vacation in spots like Los Cabos is the close proximity to the ocean. However, officials warn if you have little or no experience in the sea, you need to educate yourself about the dangers.

Just this week already, there have been warning flags put up along different beaches across Los Cabos indicating dangerous conditions.

yellow flag for beach conditions

In areas like El Chileno, Palmilla, Santa Maria, and Hacienda, they placed a yellow flag indicating the visitors to be cautious, either because of the sand or the sea. 

In the tourist corridor of San Jose del Cabo, there was a red flag put up indicating to visitors that they can’t enter the sea because it is too dangerous. However, visitors can still enjoy the beach during a red flag event. A black flag posted at a beach you want to visit means both the beach and sea are closed for activities because conditions are too dangerous.

red flag for beach conditions

Several tourists have died this spring in Los Cabos

While Los Cabos has become a safe destination for travelers, you still have unfortunate events or accidents that take place. The drownings this weekend are one of several deaths that have occurred in Los Cabos during the spring so far. In March a spring break student from the United States died when he accidentally fell off a hotel walking ramp.

Hospital in San Jose del Cabo

There was also an American from California whose stranded boat was found in the ocean with no one aboard. Authorities found the victim and determined he died due to an accident while scuba diving by himself.

Local officials are aware that safety is key to gaining visitors’ trust that choose the area for their vacation. The reputation of being a safe locale is essential for Los Cabos. It can be the difference between continuing to thrive as a world-class tourist destination or losing tourists for fear of safety.

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