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Tourists At This Popular Los Cabos Attraction Now Face Fines For Rule Breaking

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The secretary general of Los Cabos, Ariel Castro Cárdenas, just announced an update on the potential fines that can be applied to people who wrongfully dispose of garbage and otherwise harm the Estero de San Jose also known as the Estero de San José del Cabo.

This is a natural reserve area located between the El Ganzo resort and the Hilton Vacation Club Cabo Azul, in what is known precisely as El Estero Beach.

It’s one of the most popular spots for hiking and other outdoor-related activities within San Jose del Cabo. 

Birds In The San Jose del Cabo Nature Reserve

One of the things that authorities really want to crack down on are people who are setting up campfires within the park.

With the high temperatures that have been commonplace in Cabo over the last few months, authorities believe there’s a high risk of a wildfire being started within the nature reserve.

That’s why they are increasing the fines to up to 103,704 pesos or more than 6000 USD for anyone found breaking the rules.

Beach Full Of Trash And Weeds

Tourists Going To The Beach In San Jose del Cabo May Want To Be Extra Careful

As previously mentioned, the nature reserve known locally as the Estero de San Jose del Cabo is directly located on the beach between the two hotels we also already discussed.

That means that tourists who are walking down the beach from the Hilton or even the Viceroy Hotel could find themselves within the nature reserve.

It’s going to be hard to miss the typical sand dunes that make way for a large pond and green bushes in that area. 

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Livestock Near Palm Trees In San Jose del Cabo

While it’s certainly an area worth a visit, beach goers will want to be careful with what they take with them while exploring the area.

This is so that they don’t risk wanting to dispose of anything that they may have been potentially eating while they are within the nature reserve.

Setting up campfires is forbidden on most beaches within Los Cabos anyway, but doing so within the nature reserve could bring forth heftier penalties than doing so in other parts of the beach. 

People around bonfire on a beach

Best Ways To Explore The Estero in San Jose del Cabo

If travelers are not planning to trash the area or build bonfires within the nature reserve, it could be one of the most interesting places to explore within Cabo.

One of the first things that tourists should be aware of is that the temperature inside the nature reserve is typically hotter than on the San Jose del Cabo beach.

The area is home to a wide array of bird species, so it may be a good idea to bring binoculars. Travelers are also advised to bring enough sunscreen and bug repellent regardless of how they explore the area. 

Lagoon by the beach in San Jose del Cabo

Walking is a good way to make a quick visit to the area. However, the whole reserve covers about 123 acres of land, so don’t expect to cover a ton of the reserve just by walking.

There are walking tours provided by local guides, or beachgoers can venture in on their own. There’s even a guided nightly tour experience that travelers seem to enjoy.

Since bird spotting is one of the popular activities within the reserve, guests are advised to stay extra quiet while on the journey and also not to wear bright colors that could alert the birds and make them stay away. 

Another way to visit the area is by going through one of the multiple hiking trails on a bike. There’s a lot of sand within these trails since they run along the beach and the edge of the freshwater lagoon, which covers a good portion of the reserve.

Horses on the beach in cabo san lucas

This means that not all bikes are going to be able to take on the journey. Horses, on the other hand, are known for being able to make the journey just fine.

Horseback riding through one of the trails in the Estero is one of the more popular activities on that part of the beach in San Jose del Cabo. Tourists can book a tour in advance or directly with some of the service providers in the beach area.

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