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Los Cabos Tourists Harassed On Highway For Driving Too Slowly

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An Argentine tourist traveling through Los Cabos documented an altercation that he had with local police. User @soylucasp on Tiktok is a traveler who shares his voyages on the famous social media channel. Unfortunately for him, after a rough couple of days, he may have to find a new vehicle.

Traffic Stop with police on side of road

Altercation With The Police Near Los Cabos

According to @soylucasp, while traveling on some of the back roads near Los Cabos, he got a flat tire. Luckily he was able to change the tire by the side of the road. Since he was traveling with the spare, which is a smaller tire compared to the rest of the tires on the truck. As a result, he was traveling slowly on a federal highway. This is when a Police officer stopped him for “going too slow”. 

Changing a flat tire by the side of the road

The officer asked the traveler why he was going so slow, and the traveler replied that he had an issue with his tire. The traveler questioned the officer whether he had the authority to stop him or not, and this is where things took a turn for the worst. From the video, it’s evident that the tone of the conversation quickly shifted. The officer told the tourist that he was state police, and he had jurisdiction from Guerrero Negro to Los Cabos. 

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state police Los Cabos

The officer quickly told the tourist that he could essentially take him “downtown” for his infraction. Presumably, the officer noticed that he was being tapped. This prompted him to warn the travelers that they could not travel so slowly on a federal highway. 

Los Cabos highway

The officer was technically not wrong, he argued that the traveling duo was going 24 mph when the minimum speed at which you’re legally able to travel on these roads is around 37mph. For their part, the tourists argued that they were going up a steep slope. As stated, though, it would seem that the officer spotted the camera because he proceeded to make it perfectly clear to the men that he was not open to taking bribes.    

The Outcome Of The Story Is Even Worse 

After the altercation with the police, the travelers were able to get back on their way. Ultimately the officer did not detain the tourists. However, a few days later, a new TikTok post emerged detailing what seems to be the demise of the truck. In the video, the Argentine national explains that because of the issues that the truck had given him, he decided to leave the vehicle with a local mechanic and head back to his native Argentina. 

Inside of A Van with sunset through window

A few days into his journey back home, he claims that he was sent a video by one of his followers in which a truck that looks very similar to his was reportedly involved in an accident. The traveler would go on to confirm that it is, in fact, his vehicle. Apparently, the mechanic that he had left the truck with took it out for a test run without informing him. Unfortunately, he was involved in an accident. The Argentine tourist claims that this is the end of his beloved red truck. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling On Roads Near Los Cabos   

Being stopped by police is a possibility while driving on the highways in and around Los Cabos. As evidenced by the video, it’s generally a good idea to be cordial with the police. In this particular instance, it was clear the tone changed when the tourist told the officer that he didn’t have the “right” to stop him. Another teaching point from this story is that it’s typically not a good idea to leave your vehicle with unlicensed mechanics. Although you may find better deals on car repairs, if the worst happens, you may not be covered by insurance.

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