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These Are The Best Neighborhoods For Expats In Los Cabos

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Los Cabos is a popular spot for expats to not only vacation in, but have a home in. The resort town has long been a popular retreat for Americans, particularly from California. In fact, multiple celebrities, including Red Hot Chili Peppers bandmates and even Robert De Niro, were rumored to have homes in the region. Los Cabos, though, is a rather extensive area. The municipality actually covers 1332.825 square miles. Finding the right neighborhood to buy in can be a tall task.    

Cliffside Cabo Homes

Should You Live In San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas? 

This is the first question that any expat needs to ask themselves before looking into buying a home in Los Cabos. San Jose del Cabo has more features that are, in essence, typical of a small Mexican town. The city center has a picturesque church, and the area is still surrounded by restaurants, art galleries, and all sorts of businesses. It could be argued that San Jose del Cabo is quieter, and you can have a bit of small-town life with a home in the area. While still living in a gated neighborhood with a golf course nearby.   

San Jose del Cabo City Center

Cabo San Lucas, on the other hand, is where most of the top resorts in the region are located. Living here will allow expats to be closer to most of the top restaurants and nightlife entertainment options that the region has to offer. In some cases, housing developments have sprung up near some of these top resorts. In fact, one of the top neighborhoods in Los Cabos essentially shares a private beach with the Waldorf Astoria resort.       

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Los Cabos Homes

El Pedregal

El Pedregal is a neighborhood that is located on a cliff that overlooks the Sea of Cortez. There are multiple homes and apartment buildings in the area. For the most part, El Pedregal is known for its spacious homes that tend to feature large windows and terraces, which allow homeowners to enjoy the view. According to Viva Anuncios, a popular real estate search engine in Mexico, homes in El Pedregal can cost anywhere from 250 thousand dollars to 6 million dollars. There are homes in the area that have sold for a lot more than 6 million dollars. 

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Beach

Cabo Bello / Tourism Corridor

Cabo Bello is the neighborhood that essentially kicks off the area that is known as the tourism corridor. Which is the road that connects Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Cabo Bello is close enough to the Marina area in Cabo San Lucas, but at the same time, you can find a very large home in this area that’s covered by trees, plants, and all sorts of local vegetation.

traffic in cabo

The homes in Cabo Bello are mostly the typical beachfront Villa that you could expect to see in high-end neighborhoods in places like South Florida. Looking for a home within the tourism corridor can be a challenge, though, because the area is quite extensive, and your living experience can change drastically depending on where exactly within the tourism corridor the home happens to be.       

Los Cabos Villa

Campo de Golf Fonatur in San Jose del Cabo

A lot like the tourism corridor, there have been quite a few developments that sprung up around the Fonatur golf course in San Jose del Cabo. Some of these developments are a bit older when compared to other options on the market.

Famous Sand Dunes in Cabo Golf Course

If you’re looking for a home or an apartment that will cost you around 150 thousand to 350 thousand, this is potentially the area that you’re going to want to look into. Many of the developments offer homeowners access to the golf course and sports club in the area. While allowing you to get that small-town living experience referenced earlier.

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