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Top 7 Things To Do On Los Cabos’ Unswimmable Beaches 

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Los Cabos has a lot of beautiful beaches, but many of them are not swimmable due to the conditions in the water, specifically the strong waves and unpredictable undercurrents. 

Couple Walking Down the Beach in Cabo San Lucas

There are a number of beaches where you can swim, but if you’re staying at a resort that doesn’t have a swimmable beach, you’ll want to find other ways to enjoy the stunning beauty that makes the beaches so popular among tourists. 

Here are the top 7 things to do on Los Cabos’ unswimmable beaches:

Walk Along The Beach 

There is something about walking along the beach that makes it possible to walk for miles, and it still doesn’t seem long enough.  The beaches in Los Cabos are long and wide and have spectacular scenery to see along the way.  Whether taking a morning walk to see the sunrise, a leisurely walk to soak in the afternoon sun, or going on a romantic stroll as the sun is setting, Los Cabos beaches are perfect for a walk along the beach. 

Woman Taking a Walk on a Beach in Los Cabos

Build A Sandcastle Or Sand Sculpture 

The wide stretches of sand in Los Cabos make the beaches in the area perfect for building sand castles and sand sculptures.  In fact, there are even sand sculpture builders in Los Cabos that build beautiful sculptures for special events.  Whether you’re with your kids, your friends, or just you and your partner, building sand castles is a great way to spend a day on the beach in Los Cabos. 

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Sand Castle on the Beach with the Sea in the Background

Have A Picnic 

There is something about a picnic on the beach that just takes away all of your worries and stress, and what better place for a beach picnic than Los Cabos? In fact, beach picnics in the tourist destination are common enough that there are even services that will set it all up for you.  A number of the resorts will also set up a picnic on the beach for you, but there are also services like The Picnic Cabo that offer this too.  This is particularly nice for special moments like Valentine’s Day or popping the big question.  

Go Fishing  

Los Cabos sportfishing is some of the best in the world because the year-round mild weather provides the opportunity to fish any time of the year.  Fishing charters will offer the most adventurous experience, but you can actually go surf fishing too, which is standing at the shore and fishing.  Although you can surf fish pretty much anywhere, the best place to do it is on the unswimmable beaches, but if you’re unsure, you can also book a guided surf fishing trip.   

Play Catch Or Frisbee 

There’s nothing better than getting a little sun and a little exercise at the same time while having a good time taking in the beautiful scenery.  Playing catch and frisbee on the beach has long been a favorite pastime for beachgoers, and many of the unswimmable beaches in Los Cabos offer the space to do so.  There are plenty of beach accessory shops in and around Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo that sell balls, frisbees, and other items to make your beach day more fun. 


The whole point of visiting a warm, sunny beach destination is to get outside and get some Vitamin D and have a good time doing it.  Many of the beaches have vendors with lounge chairs or umbrellas that can be rented to make sunbathing more comfortable, but you can also purchase beach towels and mats at local shops as well.  The sun is hot in Los Cabos, though, so it’s important to protect yourself with sunscreen when spending time in the sun.  

People sunbathing on the beach in Los Cabos.

Collect Seashells 

Seashells are a great beach vacation souvenir to have, and it costs nothing to walk around and pick them up.  This is a great way to spend a day on an unswimmable beach in Los Cabos.  And if you’re going to take a beach walk or two anyway, you might as well pick up a memento of your time in one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world.

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