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Los Cabos To Clamp Down On Private Parties And Enforce 1 AM Shutdown

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The head of Fiscal Inspection in Los Cabos, José Samuel Cisneros Peruyero, is making it clear to private party venues that they are to cease all celebrations by 1 am. The department of fiscal inspection is in charge of granting permission to venues so that parties can be held there.

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Also, they monitor how loud music is able to be played at these spots. Under the current administration, it seems like there will be no leniency for venues that host private parties. Something that couples wanting to hold their wedding in Los Cabos may want to account for when planning.

Venues Are Required To Solicit Special Permits For Alcohol Consumption

On top of the fact that parties must end by 1 am, local authorities are also requiring that these venues solicit permits to allow alcoholic beverages to be served at these gatherings. The permits are going to be authorized on a per-case basis. This means that each time a venue wants to host a new private party, someone has to go to the authorities and ask for a permit to serve alcoholic drinks at that event. 

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All of these regulations are seemingly being strictly enforced. Besides mentioning that these regulations are in place for venues hosting private parties, the head of fiscal inspection also said that he and a team of agents are making the rounds every weekend to ensure that these regulations are being followed. 

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This can mean a bit more paperwork needs to be filled with the relevant authorities to be able to host a private party in Los Cabos. Jose Cisneros talked about the weekend raids that his department is holding, saying, “We have been working very hard on this issue; we have been making the rounds every weekend in order to take care of the decibels, to take care of the parking areas, which is not an issue that corresponds to me, the parking place, that’s a Public Safety and Transit issue; however, we are making the rounds accompanying these authorities.”

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Local Wedding or Party Planners May Be A Must For Hosting Events In Cabo

These new guidelines regarding parties in Los Cabos make it apparent that people who want to host a party in Los Cabos would do well to hire a local event planner. Soliciting these permits is something that has to be done locally at government offices. A lot of times, having the help of someone who has been through the process before makes everything run much smoother. Also, local event planners are going to have a better sense of where these regulations are being enforced the most. 

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Venues Near The San Jose Del Cabo City Center Are Being Harassed The Most

While the 1 am forced shutdown rule is seemingly something that’s meant to apply throughout the entire region, in reality, there are certain spots within Los Cabos where it’s being policed a lot more. For weeks now, there’s been an ongoing conflict between residents of the San Jose del Cabo downtown area and the bars and entertainment venues in the vicinity. Local residents claim that these venues are blasting music up to 65 decibels on some nights. When the permitted volume level should be no higher than 55 decibels. 

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The residents, as well as the merchants of the art district in San Jose del Cabo, are constantly reporting venues that are blasting loud music and staying open later than is permitted. Although the legislation is seemingly the same, certain venues are able to stay open later if they are located outside some of the highly populated parts of Los Cabos.

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This is the case with popular Cabo wedding venues like Flora Farms. Also, certain hotels have spots that were created to mitigate much of the noise generated within the room. Hosting events on hotel property can be a good way to avoid direct conflict with local authorities over these regulations.

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