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Escape the Crowds! Los Cabos Best Kept Secret Is Only 1 Hour Away

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If you’re one of those travelers who love Los Cabos so much that you’ve repeatedly vacationed in the destination, you might be thinking it’s time to change it up a little, but don’t want to stray too far.   

Luckily, the southern region of the Baja California Peninsula has several beautiful destinations that you can visit, while still being able to spend some time in Los Cabos too.   

In fact, you can escape the crowds of Cabo and find tranquility in Los Cabos’ best-kept secret, a little town called Todos Santos, and it’s only an hour away.   

Here we’ll go over a few of the things that make this Magical Town so special.   

Shop Displaying Mexican Art and Handmade Goods in Todos Santos, Mexico

The Magical Town Of Todos Santos 

Todos Santos is a small town of less than 10,000 people that sits about an hour north of Cabo San Lucas.   

It’s a charming little town that was designated as one of Mexico’s “Magic Towns” in 2006.   

Magic Towns, or Pueblo Magicos, are towns in Mexico that are highlighted for certain attributes, like cultural, historical, or natural significance.   

In Todos Santos those attributes are its history, arts scene, and natural beauty, which we’ll dig deeper into.   

Shops and Art Galleries in Todos Santos, Mexico

Laid-Back Small Town Vibes 

One significant difference you’ll see between Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas is that Todos Santos has a much more laid-back small-town vibe.   

The beaches aren’t lined with sprawling all-inclusive resorts, you won’t find busy nightclubs along the cobblestone streets, and there are more art galleries and boutique shops than souvenir stores.   

It’s the perfect place for a more relaxing getaway when you need a break from the Cabo energy and crowds.   

Shopping Area in Todos Santos, Mexico

Beautiful Natural Scenery 

Todos Santos’s location in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, paired with its miles of Pacific coastline and expansive desert landscape makes for beautiful natural scenery.   

There are miles and miles of hiking trails, many of which overlook the Pacific down below, where you can take in the scenery.   

The beaches are the biggest natural attraction, though, known for some of the best surfing in the region.   

Aerial View of Cerritos Beach in Todos Santos, Mexico

The Culture And Arts Scene 

One of the other things that Todos Santos is most known for is its arts scene and artistic community.   

It’s home to several art galleries and both local and international artists that display their works, as well as a number of historic buildings that tell the story of the town’s rich history.   

Todos Santos is also known for holding various art and culture festivals throughout the year.   

Todos Santos Market with a vendor smiling at the camera.

Safety And Security 

Todos Santos is considered a pretty safe and secure destination to visit as well.   

Crime rates in the destination are pretty low.   

The biggest concern tourists might be faced with is typically petty crimes.   

Of course, you should always exercise caution in any vacation destination, but overall instances of crime in Todos Santos, especially violent crime, are rare.   

Quiet Street in Todos Santos, Mexico

Charming Hotels 

Sometimes you want an all-inclusive vacation where you don’t have to lift a finger and you don’t mind frequenting the same restaurants day after day or meeting new people.   

Other times, you want peace, tranquility, and a more personal experience, which you’ll find in Todos Santos.   

Charming boutique hotels, including the famed Hotel California, and hostels in colorful historical buildings are the norm here and offer a much more relaxing experience.   

Hotel California Todos Santos

The Overall Authenticity  

In summary, what it really all comes down to is that all of these things combine to give Todos Santos an air of authenticity.   

It’s what makes the destination a little bit different from Los Cabos, and what makes it so special.   

This is why visiting Todos Santos for a couple of days is the perfect addition to any Los Cabos vacation. 

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