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Los Cabos Tourists Rescued: Here’s How You Can Stay Safe And Enjoy Your Beach Day

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More than three dozen visitors to Los Cabos headed out for a beautiful day on the seas last weekend, enjoying taking in the fascinating sea life and exploring the open seas.

Reports leading up to the trip had indicated the seas were going to be a little rough during the day, and typically, passengers prone to seasickness were advised to reschedule their trip for another day.

Shortly, off the coast of El Chileno beach, the 36 boat trippers found themselves in the sea near a cove when their catamaran-type boat overturned in rough waters.

A catamaran at the famous Los Arcos in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

What would you have done if that happened to you? Being prepared before taking to the water can make all the difference when something goes wrong on your beach day.

A Boat Trip Gone Wrong

Last Saturday, the Mexican Navy Second Naval Zone in Los Cabos issued a warning about rough sea conditions and recommended that owners of light boats, such as catamarans, avoid boat tours for the day.

Rough seas at the famous Los Cabos arch.

Nonetheless, they knew it was going to be a busy day assisting boat owners.

An emergency call came in during the day requesting assistance for a catamaran-type boat that experienced issues in rough seas near El Chileno beach, and 36 tourists were in the water and needed rescue assistance.

They dispatched a Defender emergency rescue boat from the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station (ENSAR) Los Cabos to the site and found the three dozen Los Cabos visitors in the water.

Sailboat Near The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

They were able to rescue the 36 domestic and international Los Cabos tourists and get them to safety without any injuries.

However, if steps weren’t taken in advance of the trip, the results could have been much more tragic.

Pre-Trip Planning

El Chileno beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

This rescue turned out well.

However, it still will make an impact on the vacation getaway for those 36 passengers. Some advanced pre-trip planning was the key to their safety and security.

First of all, the Naval Search, Rescue, and Maritime Surveillance Station (ENSAR) in Los Cabos issues advisories and warnings to boats, which tour operators are obligated to relay to their passengers.

These conditions are typically displayed for beachgoers along the coastline. Like a stop light, green means go, yellow is caution and red may make you reconsider the trip.

Yellow flag on a beach on a sunny day

When rough seas are predicted, it may be wise to reschedule a trip for a time when the waters are a bit more smooth. That could have prevented the incident for the travelers that selected better ocean conditions.

Most tour operators are willing to change the reservation to a better time or even cancel the boat tour until conditions improve.

On The Boat Safety

Sailing boats at Los Cabos, Baja California sur, Mexico

Regardless of the ocean conditions, there are a couple of more things to check to be safe and secure during your boat tour in Los Cabos.

First, take note of the safety procedures and equipment, such as rescue life preservers, available on the boat. If they look warn, old, insufficient or even missing, it may not be the right boat tour for your safety.

Second, insist upon wearing a life jacket during your boat tour. That’s what saved the 36 people from the capsized catamaran. There should be plenty available for everyone on board during a safe boat tour.

Last, see how many people board the boat. Does it seem overcrowded with what could be considered too many people to be safe? You may want to choose a different boat or operator for your safety.

Aerial photo of one man walking on isolated and lonely Playa El Chileno beach

A Safe Boat Tour

The good news is most boat operators and tours are very safe and present a fun day exploring the seas around Los Cabos. Incidents, such as the one with the catamaran over the weekend, are very uncommon.

However, there are still a couple of steps you can take to protect your safety and ensure your boat tour is a fun adventure in Los Cabos instead of one of unpleasant memories.

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David Schneebeck

Saturday 22nd of June 2024

What is the name of the boat and tour company that had their catamaran capsize in rough seas recently. 36 persons were rescued which is wonderful that everyone was safe. The seas had to be really rough for a catamaran to capsize!