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This Popular Destination Near Los Cabos Is Ramping Up Security To Protect Tourists

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According to recent estimates, over 40,000 students are soon expected to flock to Los Cabos for Spring Break.

But not everyone is going to stay in this charming municipality the whole time. 

View of the city of La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico and the surrounding mountains.

Plenty of people are also expected to visit nearby locations, with the city of La Paz being among the most popular. 

This is why, this area is now ramping up security to protect the many tourists who will soon head here. 

But what does this new initiative consist of exactly?

The new initiative 

According to local news, the Governor of Baja California Sur, Victor Manuel Castro, decided to invest money to purchase new security vehicles for the capital of this Mexican state. 

Day time view of the historic cathedral in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The strengthening of the vehicle fleet would benefit several state departments, including the Attorney’s General Office, the Secretariat of Public Security, the Secretariat of Urban Planning, and the Ministry of Finance and Administration, for a total of 36 new units.

In this regard, Victor Manuel Castro declared: “Equipment for institutions is always important [as] we lack it.”

He later added: “We are going to try to equip everyone so that there is equity in that. We have given priority to the institutions of Public Security and Public Works.”

Sunset aerial view of the waterfront area of La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

This is obviously great news for all people planning to visit La Paz soon. But should Los Cabos tourists consider a day trip to this city? 

Visiting La Paz this spring

The capital of Baja California Sur is a great one-day location for tourists heading to Los Cabos for their spring break. 

With plenty of activities to offer to all kinds of visitors, there is no way of getting bored here. But what are some of the most popular experiences for tourists here?

Daytime view of the La Paz, BCS, Mexico, skyline.

If you’re heading to La Paz, you cannot miss a walk on the famous Malecon and a visit to the beautiful La Paz Cathedral. 

Tourists should also head to the popular Museo de Antropología e Historia de Baja California Sur to learn everything about the history and culture of this Mexican state. 

Last but not least, the La Paz government is now working on a brand new walking trail in Cerro Attravesado.

La Paz sign

The trail will take tourists to a great viewpoint where they will be able to get the perfect photo of La Paz also thanks to the huge Hollywood-style ‘La Paz’ letters that will soon be installed here. 

The letters will be 1.5 meters in height and will feature colors inspired by the sunset, such as yellow and orange. But what about La Paz’s surroundings?

Visiting La Paz’s surroundings 

A great idea is to plan a trip to the popular Island of Espiritu Santo. This place is ideal for those wanting to immerse themselves in Mexican unspoiled nature as in 2005, this area was added to the world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Isla Espiritu Santo, Sea Of Cortes, la paz baja california sur.

Here, people can opt for several hiking trails depending on their fitness level, try out water sports such as kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, or opt for a boat tour to see this breathtaking island from a unique perspective. 

Keep in mind that the Island of Espirito Santo can be reached by boat from La Paz within an hour, making it the ideal day trip.

Another great site is the popular Balandra Beach. Not by chance, this area was ranked the 12th best beach in the world by users of the popular platform TripAdvisor, with a 4.5 ranking based on 2,999 reviews.

Balandra Beach in La Paz, Mexico

If you’re planning to visit this charming place, don’t forget that due to its popularity, local forces are now restricting the number of tourists allowed to this place. 

At the moment, there are two main blocks during which people can access this site. The first is between 8:00 am to 11:00 am, while the second is between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. In both cases, 280 people are allowed to enter this protected area.

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