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This Is One Of The Top Complaints About Los Cabos Right Now

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Los Cabos is widely renowned for being one of the best Mexican destinations for American tourists. 

With a variety of luxurious resorts to choose from, breathtaking beaches, and plenty of fine dining options, tourists heading here are often looking for an opulent experience. 

The view of a Los Cabos hill with luxury waterfront homes and resort hotels by the bay

But Los Cabos has its negative sides too! According to recent data, over 90% of the local population seems to be unhappy with the road conditions in the municipality. 

Poor road conditions 

The National Public and Urban Safety Survey just published a report displaying data collected in December 2023. According to it, 91.1% of Los Cabos citizens think the main problem in this municipality is the frequent potholes found in most streets and avenues. 

Marina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with buildings in the background and boats in the front

This is above the national average, showing how the local government needs to address this issue as soon as possible. 

On top of this, data suggest that the situation has worsened in the last few months. Not by chance, the number of people indicating potholes as a main problem in Los Cabos has increased compared to data referring to the third quarter of the year. 

Apart from this, the other main problems identified by the local population are failures and leaks in the water drinking supply and insufficient public lighting.

Tourists’ main concerns

Sea seen from Santa maria beach in los Cabos with land on both sides on a sunny day

Recent findings confirm data shown by a report published in October 2023, which identified mobility as the main concern for Los Cabos tourists. 

Commenting on this report, Rodrigo Espondo Cascajares, the General Director of Los Cabos Tourism Trust, said: “Obviously, vehicular traffic particularly affects the perception that visitors have, especially when they want to get to the airport or move to (another) destination.”

He later also added: “It is something that must be worked on collectively to make the visitor’s experience more positive.”

Los Cabos cliffs on a nice day with calm sea

Unfortunately, the last report published by The National Public and Urban Safety Survey shows that lots of work is still needed to improve the current situation. But what are drivers’ main issues when traveling to Los Cabos? 

Poor road conditions

Apart from the many potholes present in most streets in the municipality, locals and tourists alike identified several other problems. 

First and foremost, a lack of public lighting. Most street lamps in the municipality need to be replaced due to malfunctioning and the same can be said about traffic lights. 

Cabo San Lucas Street with Cars and Tourists On It.

For instance, in September 2023, the traffic lights located on Boulevard Forjadores suddenly stopped working. According to locals, they had been on the decline for over nine years, but no one ever replaced them. 

This, unfortunately, caused general chaos, with several visitors almost missing their flight as a result. 

In 2023, the local government decided to finance the so-called Permanent Pothole Programme to improve the general condition of Los Cabos roads by repairing potholes, painting curbs, and fixing public lighting. 

Road From Cabo San Lucas To La Paz

However, even though over 1,000 potholes were fixed across the entire municipality, more still needs to be done.


Another main problem in Los Cabos is traffic. Congestion is now the norm in the municipality, especially in the most popular cities in the area, including San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.  

In order to address the issue, the local government has decided to increase the number of toll road booths on the Transpeninsular Highway, the main street in the municipality, from three to eight. 

Cars stuck in a traffic jam

Again, this is just a small step to fix Los Cabos’ mobility issue and way more is needed to change the current situation. 

Reckless drivers

Lastly, most tourists complain about the many reckless drivers present in Los Cabos. The local government has repeatedly tried to address this problem, for instance, by drastically decreasing the speed limits on the Transpeninsular Highway, from 90 km/h to 60 km/h. 

Local authorities also carried out road safety courses for drivers to increase public awareness, but even in this case, the municipal government needed to do more to achieve real results. 

Two cars in a crash accident

Unfortunately, local news showed that in 2023, road accidents in Los Cabos experienced a drastic increase, meaning that the local government needs to address this issue as soon as possible to avoid a further increase in fatal collisions. 

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