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Los Cabos Government Announces New Plan To Speed Up Tourist Traffic

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Mobility in Los Cabos has been one of tourists’ main concerns for years. Luckily, the government is now trying to speed up traffic with a new initiative

The project, which started in November of this year, consists of increasing the number of toll road booths on the main road connecting Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo from three to eight. 

highway in cabo

Eight toll road booths

This decision was taken during a meeting between the Los Cabos Coordinating Council and the Head of the Technical Services Unit of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation, Manuel de Jesús Anaya Saucedo. 

Talking about the issue, he declared: “The mobility points that are constantly raised within the table were considered. In particular, the issue of the toll booths on the CAPUFE toll road was discussed, which brings up the issue of expanding the booths.”

Boats in Cabo San Lucas

He added: “The works already began in November, with the construction of the booths ending in December and being able to operate at the beginning of 2024.”

The new booths are expected to speed up the traffic in the area and put an end to the many congestions often taking place on this road. 

Apart from the creation of new booths, the Los Cabos government also decided to start allowing payments through electronic tolling as well as through credit and debit card payment in an attempt to provide more payment options and speed up traffic. 


Manuel de Jesús Anaya Saucedo declared: “Of course, the issue of electronic tolling is being considered (…). At the table, it was discussed that on some occasions the electronic toll card had become deficient. But with the inclusion of these new cards, [the booths will have] all the technology and (…) the supply of satellite internet or fiber optics, for (their) best functioning.”

This is great news, but why is mobility such a problem in Los Cabos?

The main issues with mobility in Los Cabos

There are several reasons why Los Cabos constantly struggles with traffic and regular car crashes. 

A yacht in the marina of Los Cabos

In a recent interview, David Pérez Torres, the person in charge of Los Cabos Municipal Traffic and Road Administration Office, declared: “The total number of accidents was 1,124 so far this year, of which the Municipal Traffic Directorate has been aware.” 

Unfortunately, These numbers are incredibly high due to the many reckless drivers in the municipality and the poor road conditions typical of Los Cabos. 

Potholes are the norm in this area of Mexico, and traffic lights are often out of order, causing chaos among drivers. 

Car in queue due to traffic

Luckily, the Los Cabos government is putting in place a number of initiatives to improve its mobility. 

Los Cabos initiatives for better mobility

The Los Cabos government has recently announced that new safety courses will be offered to local drivers to reduce the number of people driving recklessly in the municipality. 

Courses started on November 27 and are held every weekday in both San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. 

Mexico coastline with beautiful view over ocean in San Jose del Cabo

Additional courses were offered to minors who had just started driving in Los Cabos to educate people of all ages and make the roads safer.

On top of this, the local government had decided to decrease the speed limits on Los Cabo’s main road, the Transpeninsular Highway, from 90 km/h to 60 km/h. 

Lastly, we have to mention the famous Permanent Pothole Program. The main goal of this successful initiative is to improve the poor conditions of Los Cabos’ roads by fixing deteriorating streets, cleaning sidewalks, painting curbs, and re-establishing public lighting.

Worker Fixing a Power Line

Thanks to this initiative, as of today over a thousand potholes in the municipality have been fixed. 

Unfortunately, mobility in Los Cabos remains a main concern for tourists and locals alike due to the huge traffic typical of this area and the many accidents taking place every day. 

Hopefully, thanks to this new initiative, as well as the many other measures put in place throughout the years, the local government will finally manage to speed up traffic while increasing safety levels for all the drivers in the area. 

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