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This Destination Near Los Cabos Wants To Introduce Women Only Taxis To Keep Travelers Safe

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One of the biggest worries travelers face when visiting a foreign land is getting around safely, especially when it comes to returning to the resort or hotel after a night of fun at a bar or nightclub.

This worry is unfortunately even more pressing for female travelers, whether solo or in a group; there are extra dynamics at play that women take into consideration to protect their safety.

La Paz bay panoramic shot

While local taxis, Uber, Didi, and other private hire services give plenty of options to female travelers, there is one thing missing from the picture; guaranteed female drivers for female passengers.

Thankfully, this need isn’t being ignored in the beautiful up-and-coming destination of La Paz, where a push is being made locally to allocate a certain number of taxis to offer a safe and secure service for women that is operated by women.

A pink womens only cab in Mexico

Safety In Pink

The state governor of Baja California Sur, Victor Manuel Castro Cosio, is the person leading this call for safer transport for women.

And while a little on the nose, he has requested that several taxi cabs from each public transport organization be painted pink to stand out clearly as units dedicated to the safe transport of women by women.

La Paz currently has a healthy number of female taxi drivers, who offer peace of mind to female travelers wary of taking a cab in an unfamiliar place, and this colorful change is hoped to simplify the process for women to identify safe transport.

Mexican womens only pink taxi cab

Are Cabs Unsafe For Female Travelers?

It should be made clear that there is no known trend of attacks on female travelers by male cab drivers in La Paz.

This requested initiative isn’t a reaction to specific incidences. Instead, it is part of a growing commitment by the authorities in La Paz to make the destination as safe, attractive, and welcoming as possible.

boardwalk near beach in la paz mexico

Moves are being made across Mexico, most notably in tourism destinations like La Paz, Los Cabos, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen, to improve the atmosphere of safety for women, both travelers and locals alike.

Concerning taxi cabs in La Paz, they are deemed safe for use by female travelers. But for those who carry anxiety from previous negative experiences, both personally and from the testimony of fellow women, it is hoped this move could help to lift some of that anxiety.

smiling woman hailing taxi

Getting Around La Paz

While La Paz is in its infancy as a popular tourism destination, the city isn’t, and despite its smaller reputation, it has a larger population and size than San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, respectively.

The tourism industry here is also quite spread out, and apart from a few travelers who bring their sneakers and a hand fan with them, most will need to utilize public transport services to experience everything on offer.

Taxis, Uber, and Didi are the three most common ways of moving around La Paz for travelers, and all hold a very positive reputation for service, as well as a much more budget-friendly pricing structure than their Los Cabos colleagues.

an uber vehicle

Alternatively, some travelers may choose to rent a vehicle for the duration of their stay. This is a super convenient way for confident travelers to experience the best of not just La Paz but the whole state.

However, travelers who do opt to rent a vehicle should take extra care when driving here, road signs aren’t always strictly obeyed nor enforced, and driving outside of the city limits at night should be avoided.

Night driving in Baja California Sur is notably more dangerous than the daytime, but not for any reason associated with Mexico’s “Hollywood bad-boy” image.

A highway near La Paz

Instead, the big threat to vehicles at night here is livestock. Farm animals in this part of Mexico enjoy open pastures and free-ranging, which can lead to livestock crossing dark stretches of winding highways.

This is often a recipe for disaster and has caused a large number of life-threatening collisions on the states’ back roads. So, while renting a vehicle in La Paz is a super-rewarding way to get around, there are some necessary precautions that come with this choice.

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Anne Drees

Thursday 28th of December 2023

I would love female designated taxis and Ubers. As a frequent traveler to the Baja area, I have found the taxi drivers tend to not be polite as the Uber drivers are. My sister speaks Spanish fluentlu.

We tend to take Ubers as you know the prices upfront and the drivers are more helpful. Some of the taxi drivers need to drop the "entitled attitude" and there should be set zone rates posted at the airport.

We, sisters, would welcome taxis and Ubers for females if the rates are known ahead of time