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Los Cabos Police Patrolling Beaches To Keep Tourists Safe

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A number of anonymous complaints to law enforcement in Los Cabos have led to an increase in patrols on popular tourist beaches to ensure the safety and security of travelers to the beach resort destination as the peak winter holiday travel season comes to a close.

Patrols on El Medano Beach

El Medano Beach in Los Cabos

The popular tourist beach of El Medano Beach is one of the main focus areas of the increased law enforcement presence for the protection of beachgoers, including travelers enjoying their winter vacation getaway.

The increased patrols are being led by the Attorney General’s Office in coordination with the Federal Ministerial Police. They are being carried out with an increased level of Mexican National Guard and Mexican Navy officials patrolling the areas of concern.

They are specifically looking for crimes related to health and the environment, along with alleged and unsubstantiated reports of human trafficking in the area.

According to reports about the increased level of patrols, El Medano is not the only area of focus. They are also keeping an eye on Ocho Cascadas and Arroyo Alto Seco Wetland for issues related to the safety and security of tourists in the beach resort destination.

National Guard on patrol on a Los Cabos beach

Increase in Incidents During Winter Holidays

Traditionally, there is a slight increase in crime incidents in Los Cabos when the levels of visitors increase, such as during the peak winter holiday travel season.

However, the increase in crimes is typically related to the petty theft of valuable items, which are usually crimes of opportunity where travelers leave items unaccompanied, and thieves take the items.

Police on patrol on a Mexican beach

So far, there has not been any significant increase in crimes reported during the winter holiday travel season in Los Cabos.

Crime Actually Down in Los Cabos

According to the last Baja California Sur Crime Stoplight Report, the amount of crime in Los Cabos is actually very low.

Police officer on beach patrol in Mexico

There were only two red lights, or negative crime statistics, for Los Cabos in the recently issued November report. That was for crimes connected to drug dealing and injuries, both of which normally do not involve tourists visiting Los Cabos and did not occur in the popular tourist zone areas of the beach resort destination.

This is the most recent installment of what has been an overall downtrend in crimes in Los Cabos since about the middle of the year.

Local officials have been working closely with state and federal law enforcement officers to ensure the protection and security of travelers to Los Cabos.

Police in Front of Los Cabos Hotel

The hope is eventually the United States Department of State will end up upgrading the security level of Los Cabos above “exercise increased caution” which has been in place since August due to high levels of crime in Baja California Sur.

The department recently issued a new danger statement for travel to Puerto Peñasco and holiday safety advisory for all travelers to Mexico, including those visiting Los Cabos.

What Travelers Need to Know

Police Patrolling Cabo Beach

Travelers should definitely follow the advice of the United States Department of State and exercise increased caution when visiting Baja California Sur and Los Cabos. Travelers should also follow the holiday travel tips posted on the travel advisory website as well.

However, these are actions tourists should take when visiting any international destination. Travelers should be aware of their surroundings and not leave items unattended where thieves will use a crime of opportunity to steal an item of value, such as a phone or consumer electronic device.

Taking normal precautions and avoiding situations that put travelers in the middle of harm’s way is generally the best recommendation for travelers outside the United States, especially when visiting Mexico.

However, there is no way to avoid all risks of crime when traveling internationally and tourists are urged to also carry sufficient travel insurance to protect themselves in the event of a crime.

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