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These Neighborhoods In Cabo San Lucas Are Experiencing The Most Crime

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Local authorities in Los Cabos released the records on the number of crimes committed in Los Cabos in the first 6 months of the year. In these records authorities listed the neighborhoods in which most of the crimes committed in the region took place. This was done, in an effort to warn both locals and tourists to potentially avoid these areas whenever possible. The crime that appeared the most on the list was theft, with a total 2976 cases reported to the police. 

Cabo San Lucas Neighborhood

Another issue that plagued the area were traffic accidents, these also made up a significant portion of the total reports received by local law enforcement. Traffic accidents are sadly unavoidable in some instances, however what tourists and locals can do is stay away from some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the region. 

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Neighborhoods With The Highest Crime Rate In Cabo San Lucas

The list of the neighborhoods with the highest crime rate in Cabo San Lucas include the following neighborhoods; Villas de la Joya, 4 de marzo, El Caribe, Las Palmas, Mesa Colorada, and Los Cangrejos. None of the neighborhoods on the list are necessarily right in the middle of the main tourist attractions or within the hotel zone. However, in some cases, these crime hotbeds are right next to popular spots that tourists visit. Which, in turn, may make it a good idea to not stop by the side of the road if you’re going to be heading out to certain spots.

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Three of the neighborhoods with the highest crime rates in Cabo San Lucas literally enclose the Cabo San Lucas airport. The neighborhoods of El Caribe, Las Palmas, and Mesa Colorada all surround the entrance to the airport. If you’re going to and from the Cabo San Lucas airport it may be best to head north up to the toll road, and literally make your way around Cabo San Lucas through that road. 

Plane At Cabo San Lucas Airport

The other option would be to try and head back to the main hotel zone and the beach through the streets of these 3 troubled neighborhoods. The journey through the toll road is probably going to take a couple more minutes, but it may be worth it. 

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Just a quick side note, the Cabo San Lucas airport is not the airport that gets most of the international arrivals. That honor goes to the San Jose del Cabo airport. The facility in Cabo San Lucas mainly receives private flights coming into the region. Ironically, the airport that caters to the more luxurious travelers is literally surrounded by some of the toughest neighborhoods in the area.     

The Los Cabos International Airport, Mexico.

San Jose del Cabo Has Rough Neighborhoods of Its Own

In San Jose del Cabo the Santa Rosa neighborhood topped the list as the neighborhood that saw the most crime related incidents take place through parts of the year. This is a really large neighborhood almost right in the middle of San Jose del Cabo. In fact the federal highway runs right through the neighborhood itself, hence the advice to not stop by the side of the road. The area though, isn’t necessarily home to important tourist spots. What is potentially more concerning particularly for tourists who are visiting San Jose del Cabo is the fact that the downtown area made the list as one of the neighborhoods where more crime incidents had been reported. 

The Central Plaza in San Jose del Cabo

The downtown area in San Jose del Cabo features Plaza Mijares which is one of the most visited spots in that part of Los Cabos. It also is home to some of the most important local art galleries, as well as plenty of restaurants that welcome tourists and locals alike. With these stats in mind it’s probably smart to stick to visiting the San Jose del Cabo downtown area during the day.