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These Are The Top Places Tourists Should Avoid In Los Cabos According To New Data

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Local authorities in Los Cabos released new data regarding the neighborhoods where the most robberies are taking place throughout the region.

In 2023 the amount of robberies that have taken place is up 7% compared to last year. That has brought the total number of incidents that have taken place so far this year to 1085.

Thankfully for tourists who come to Cabo, the most dangerous neighborhoods in the area are generally not within the parts of the region that visitors will tend to frequent. 

Stunning Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

There are certain cases, though, where a very rough neighborhood can be located right next to a popular tourist spot.

In these cases, it may be good to know where these neighborhoods are to craft a route that will allow you to avoid them.

The last thing that you’ll probably want to do as a traveler is find yourself late at night wandering through a place where you might feel unsafe.

Tourists window shopping on the streets of a Mexican beach town

The Los Cangrejos Neighborhood Has Plenty of Airbns Within It 

One of the worst-rated neighborhoods in Cabo San Lucas is Los Cangrejos. Currently, authorities are looking into 36 robbery cases that took place in the area over the last month.

This is the neighborhood that’s located between the Diamante Golf complex and the Quivira real estate development. The area features high-end villas that are available for rent on Airbnb for as much as 2400 USD per night. 

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These high-end villas are mostly located within gated areas in the Los Cangrejos neighborhood. In spite of the fact that these gated communities may be “safe,” it’s not a great idea for tourists to calmly walk to nearby stores outside these gated communities, particularly at night.

With how many Airbnbs are currently available for rent in Los Cabos, tourists may want to reconsider picking one here.

The saving grace for people who are staying in Quivira or the Diamante complex and who want to head to some of the nearby restaurants in the Los Cangrejos neighborhood is that these spots are closer to the aforementioned gated communities and resorts that make up the “safest” part of the neighborhood.

Still, unfortunately, it’s a part of Los Cabos where tourists are advised to be more careful.

Homes With Pools By The Ocean In Cabo

The Neighborhood Right Next To The Cabo Airport Also Made The List   

Another neighborhood that made the list of where tourists could potentially wander into was the area known as Las Palmas. Currently, there are 26 open robbery cases that took place within this area last month.

Unlike Los Cangrejos, however, this is not a neighborhood that’s known for receiving many tourists. Perhaps the biggest issue that travelers could have in this neighborhood would involve visiting a taco stand late at night after arriving in Cabo.

Tourists may very well be able to find open taco stands on the streets of this neighborhood during the late hours of the night. Yet, it may be best to pass on a late dinner than to wander into this neighborhood at the wrong hour. 

Mexican Street Food Stall with Customers Sitting on Stools

Yet another area where travelers may wander into that made the list is the neighborhood known as Lomas del Sol. This area is located beside the road that leads to the Cabo airport but south of Las Palmas.

There are currently 30 open robbery cases that authorities are looking into here. This area features a couple of tire repair shops, which could be the unfortunate reason why tourists will end up visiting this area.

Ideally, if you have to come here to solve an issue with your rental car, you’ll be able to do so during the day.

changing a flat tire

Most Parts Of Cabo Are Generally Very Safe

Crime is a rather unfortunate action that takes place everywhere in the world. With that in mind, it’s a good idea for travelers who come to Cabo to take their necessary precautions in spite of the fact that the area is generally safe.

Even at the top resorts, it’s still not the best idea to leave your belongings unattended.

apartments in Cabo

It only takes one bad apple to ruin an otherwise great vacation. Perhaps the most concerning situation is currently taking place in the Los Cangrejos neighborhood.

That’s rather unfortunate because the area does feature plenty of decent Airbnb options.

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Malaki kiDD

Sunday 6th of August 2023

Complete lie. I walk all over this town mostly at night so why would you say that if you don',t go out at night, you can't even the police reports here. I am Malaki kiDD and Will tell you that the only thing you have to watch out for dogs.Not because they bite just because they scare you sometime. This is not like the states. People dont shoot up heroin in Cabo So noone is steeling anything. Im still standing. Im from Texas and never been robbed in Mexico.