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Strict Rules Will Be Enforced On Los Cabos Beaches This Winter

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Local inspectors have warned that they will be on high alert across Los Cabos beaches this winter. According to the head of fiscal inspection in Los Cabos, his organization is going to enforce a sound limit on local bars and nightclubs. Particularly those that are near the beach and other spots frequented by tourists. José Samuel Cisneros Peruyero, head of fiscal inspection in Los Cabos (the government dependency that is in charge of regulating bars and nightclubs), recently told a local news outlet

Police Talking To Tourists

“We have an ongoing operation in beaches, and the “golden zone”, we’ve started patrolling these areas in preparation for the peak season. We’re going to have to do what is necessary to ensure that tourists feel safer, and are not bothered during their Cabo vacation”

José Samuel Cisneros Peruyero
Military on Beach in Cabo

The Rules That Will Be Enforced In Los Cabos Over The Winter      

There’s a strict legal limit of decibels that local establishments like bars and nightclubs have to follow with regard to the music that they play at their facilities. An establishment located on a popular Cabo beach can crank the music up to 68 decibels during the day. From 10 pm onward, though, the legal limit is set at 65 decibels. Bars and nightclubs that don’t adhere to the limit could be fined anywhere from around 860 dollars all the way up to over 8500 dollars. These fines could also be imposed on people who refuse to adhere to the decibel mandate, particularly in residential areas. 

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bar by the beach

Other than regulating music, local inspectors will also be in charge of ensuring that restaurants, bars, and nightclubs adhere to the regulations that they have established when it comes to the sale of alcohol. Since COVID restrictions have been lifted, the sale of alcoholic drinks has returned to its normal hours. This means that bars and establishments that have a restaurant-bar designation can sell alcohol until 2 am at night. Nightclubs have the same last call hour, but they have the option to pay authorities for special permission to extend their hours and continue to sell alcohol. 

Mexico beach nightlife

Inspectors Are Looking To Crack Down On “Foreign” Beach Sellers

Unregulated beach sellers are one of the main issues that inspectors are going to be looking to crack down on. According to José Samuel Cisneros Peruyero, this is a problem that gets magnified during the peak season. Plenty of people from out of town, usually from other parts of Baja California, or even other Mexican states, arrive in Los Cabos to try and sell their goods. However, these people don’t pay for a permit to be able to sell their products on public beaches.  

Military on Cabo Beach

There are essentially two main reasons why local authorities want to crack down on this issue. The first and most obvious one is the fact that certified beach sellers pay local authorities for their certification, which essentially grants them exclusive rights to the beach. Cisneros Peruyero even used the interview to call on local beach vendors who had not paid their dues to the inspectors to get back on track before peak season officially starts.

Army on Cabo Beach

It can seem unfair that people who come to Los Cabos from far away aren’t allowed to sell their goods in the areas that tourists tend to frequent most. If there was no regulation, though, there’s a good chance that Cabo beaches would just be completely filled with people selling things.

crowded beach

As things stand, according to local inspectors, there are 967 people who are legally registered to be able to work on Los Cabos beaches. For comparison, the full capacity at El Medano beach, Los Cabos’ most popular beach, is around 8200 people. If half of the regulated sellers decided to set up at El Medano on a given day, they could make up about 6% of the people on the beach. Is that too many sellers?

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