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NY Giants’ Player Xavier McKinney Injures Hand In Los Cabos ATV Accident

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Xavier McKinney, a stand-out player for the New York Giants of the NFL was the player with the most consecutive snaps played on the defensive side of the ball out of anyone in the NFL. That streak is going to come to an end due to a hand injury that McKinney sustained over the weekend in Cabo. 

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It was McKinney himself who confirmed the injury news. He took to social media to announce that he would be missing some of his team’s upcoming games. McKinney mentioned, 

“I went away to Cabo, while there I joined a guided site-seeing tour on ATVs. Unfortunately I had an accident and injured my hand. The injury will keep me sidelined for a few weeks.” 

How Dangerous Are Los Cabos ATV Tours?       

With the injury to Xavier McKinney many people on social media started to question the safety measures that are followed by Los Cabos ATV tours. A representative from a popular ATV tours company in Los Cabos explained on Trip Advisor how their company tries to limit the risk at which tourists are put in during these tours. Saying, 

“To ensure the maximum experience for all of our guests on this adventure, we do a practice round before the tour begins. During said round, our guides identify those who seem more comfortable riding the ATVs and can go at a higher speed to those who are wary of the vehicles and more hesitant with their skills. This step is done to guarantee all of our guests ride at a speed in which they feel most comfortable whilst still having fun.”

Cabo ATV Tour

ATV tour providers are required to provide the necessary equipment to ensure that tourists are as safe as possible during the ride. However, ultimately each person will be responsible for his or her own well being while on the ATV since they are going to be the ones driving the vehicle. As McKinney himself put it, it does seem like his situation was quite an unfortunate accident. Particularly for him as an NFL player since it will keep him from being able to perform his job.

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Things To Keep An Eye On While On ATV Tours In Los Cabos

As a tourist you have to be aware of the fact that an accident can happen in activities such as ATV tours. For the most part, companies providing these tours are going to ask tourists to sign a release form which basically states that the traveler is aware of the danger and can’t hold the company liable if an accident does happen. There are different clauses in these release forms that you may want to read thoroughly before singing. 

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 Damage to the equipment that you’re renting out is also a possibility. However, not all ATV tours make insurance mandatory for their equipment. As a tourist it’s mostly a good idea to go ahead and pay for insurance so that in the event of an accident you won’t be forced to pay for the damages in full. 

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What’s Next For Xavier McKinney

According to the New York Post most NFL contracts have clauses which will render them void if a player injures himself in a dangerous activity away from the field. Riding an ATV could certainly qualify as a dangerous activity. The saving grace for Xavier McKinney is that the injury does not seem to be too severe to the point where it could be career threatening. 

The team, which is trending upwards after years of losing, needs him to contribute on the field. Even if the injury is going to keep him away from the team for a couple of weeks they do expect him to make a full recovery and get back to playing this season. McKinney could still get hit with a fine from the Giants, for “conduct detrimental to the team” other than that he’ll hopefully be able to recover and get back to playing.

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