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Two Injured After Tourist Boat Collision In Los Cabos Marina

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A collision between two boats took place Tuesday morning within the waters of the Los Cabos marina. According to eyewitness accounts, one of the boats was carrying tourists, potentially out toward one of the multiple tours that are available in the region. Two of the tourists involved in the incident had to be aided on the spot by first responders. 

Los Cabos Marina

The two tourists who were injured in the collision were presumably taken to a local hospital. The total number of injured tourists has not been officially disclosed. A crowd gathered around the crash site in the marina after the incident, making it harder on the marine personnel that were trying to aid the injured tourists. At the moment, no official updates have been issued regarding the health of those injured in the accident.  

ambulence in Mexiico

How The Incident Took Place        

People on the scene mentioned that speeding within the marina waters was to blame for the accident. One of the “Panga” boats, which are the small boats that are used for fishing, and as water taxis in the region, seemingly impacted the other boat flipping it over and dragging it across a couple of yards out to sea. After the crash, a boat from the Mexican marine forces was deployed to be able to aid those involved in the incident. All of the people involved in the accident were able to be brought ashore rather quickly, thanks in large part to the fact that the accident took place so close to the marina. 

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Rescue Boat Deployed To The Scene

Local Authorities Are Looking Into Upgrading Security Around The Los Cabos Marina Area

The day before the incident, local authorities had revealed that in a recent meeting, they had decided to increase the presence of local police around the marina area. The number of police officers patrolling the area is said to have increased in the last few weeks as Los Cabos moves into the middle of the peak season. Also, local authorities are making an effort to fix many of the cameras that are installed within the marina to increase security. 

national guard member in Los Cabos Marina

Julio Castillo Gómez, who is the president of the “Consejo Coordinador de Los Cabos,” a local committee formed by private institutions that monitor safety issues, amongst other things, revealed that there are 156 cameras in the marina area. It’s a closed circuit of cameras that provides a live feed which is monitored directly by Los Cabos police. Castillo Gomez mentioned that about 15 to 10 cameras were not working accordingly. On top of increasing the number of times officers patrol the area, authorities will be looking to fix the camera issue.

Los Cabos Marina

Look Into Insurance When Renting Any Type of Vessel In Los Cabos    

Not all of the boats that are being rented out in Los Cabos will include some type of insurance coverage. That includes fishing boats like the ones that were involved in the incident this Tuesday. With yacht rentals you can pretty much rest assured that there’s some type of insurance involved in the transaction. The issue may be that the insurance will cover tourists for damages that they may do to the boat but not injuries sustained while on the vessel. 

yacht in Cabo

Before renting out any type of motor vehicle in Los Cabos, it’s a good idea to read through the proposed terms of the transaction. Recently an NFL player suffered an injury while on an ATV in Los Cabos. It’s clear that the ATV company will not be covering his salary for the games that he misses because of the incident.

crashed ATV

In most of these rental transactions, tourists who are going to be taking part in a potentially dangerous activity will be asked to sign a release form. The best way to have some peace of mind while engaging in these activities is to have travelers’ or personal insurance that gets you coverage within Mexico.

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