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Noise Complaints Continue In Downtown San Jose Del Cabo

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Citizens and local businesses are becoming increasingly agitated with merchants that continue to break the noise bylaws. Specific merchants have been accused of being too loud and disturbing locals.

san jose del cabo town square

What are the complaints?

In the historic center of San Jose del Cabo, noise pollution has been an issue for several years. However, according to some, it’s only getting worse, and those responsible for monitoring the merchants aren’t doing their job.

The law indicates that merchants in the center can only operate with a maximum decibel range of 68. However, complaints have stated that they routinely work with a decibel range between 80 and 100.

Blanca Pedrin, a hotel entrepreneur from Los Cabos, said the trend of loud noise pollution from these merchants is alarming.

san jose del cabo restaurant row

However, Pedrin states the enforcement of the law is not taking place because of loopholes merchants are aware of. According to Pedrin, the agency in charge is the Tax Inspectorate, and their way of enforcing the rules is insufficient.

Pedrin states, “To be able to make a visit, the Tax Inspectorate must inform merchants of their upcoming visit. By common sense, they will keep the volume to a minimum while the inspectors are visiting. These inspections need to be spontaneous and recorded when a complaint is made. At the very least, there needs to be frequent inspections to help regulate these establishments that have been violating this law for years.”

two police motorcycles

The effect of these violations

According to locals, this issue has been ignored because of the gap in the law. The other issue was the former head of the Tax Inspectorate. The previous inspector never made noise volume a priority, which allowed merchants to operate with free will.

The situation is starting to affect the citizens and the tourists. The area’s tranquility has been disrupted, and people who spend the most time in the area can no longer enjoy the Historic Center.

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Pedrin also said its affected several hotels in the area. Guests have left surrounding hotels because of the noise. She is calling on the authorities to start enforcing the law. Pedrin also called on the president of Canirac to instruct affiliates to respect the regulations.

The directors of fiscal inspection and ecology held a meeting. They gave an order to approach the merchants and inform them of the law already in place. They would notify them that the order has been updated and put in place for a reason, and if they did not follow the law, they would risk closure.

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The effect on tourists

Historic Centers or plazas like these can be the heart of activity for tourists. With so much to do, from shops and food courts to restaurants and bars, they are usually filled with people. However, having a hotel nearby can be challenging if late-night establishments stay open.

If guests leave area hotels because of the noise, this can negatively affect their experience. Not only can this ruin the customer’s experience, but it can also damage the reputation of a city dependent on tourism.

san jose del cabo hotel

For most tourists, being in the center of the action can be a benefit. The benefits mean less travel, more familiarity with your block, and generally safer locations. However, the drawback can be more volume because of increased traffic. When traveling, you should decide what atmosphere you want to stay in. Research hotels in different parts of the city and choose one that best fits your needs.

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