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New Report Shows Los Cabos Is Growing Safer For Tourists 

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Los Cabos is one of the safest Mexican vacation destinations you can visit, and it has so much to offer; who wouldn’t want to?   

Incredible beaches, beautiful scenery, amazing all-inclusives, and exciting activities have been enticing more and more visitors over the last several years.   

As the destination has become more popular, security has improved over the years too, and now a new report shows that Los Cabos is growing even safer for tourists.   

Tourists Walking Around the Marina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Declining Violent Crime In Los Cabos 

The level of violent crime in a destination is undoubtedly what travelers are concerned with the most.   

While crime does exist in every popular tourist hotspot on some level, including Los Cabos, violent crime is declining in the vacation destination.   

In the case of homicides specifically, October had the lowest number so far this year, with a total of four, according to the Criminal Incidence Report of the Common Jurisdiction.   

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Successful Security Operations In Los Cabos Lead To Lower Crime 

The low instances of violent crime in Los Cabos Can most likely be attributed to the successful security operations in the destination.   

In addition to recently training new police officers that patrol popular tourist areas, the military is also often deployed for surveillance in these areas as well.   

Security is typically ramped up even more during the busy seasons, specifically during the winter and spring months when international tourists flood Los Cabos.   

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Ongoing Security Measures In Los Cabos 

In addition to periodic security operations, there are a number of ongoing security measures that help to make Los Cabos safer for visitors.   

In May officials announced that drones would start being used by law enforcement to increase safety.   

Additionally, there was recently a massive installation of security cameras throughout the destination to improve safety for visitors.   

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Proof That Tourists Feel Safe When Visiting Los Cabos  

If there is ever a question about the safety of Los Cabos, the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and the proof here is the huge number of tourists who visit the destination every year.   

And that number is growing!   

So much so that Los Cabos is set to break last year’s record number of visitors by about a half million people, with more than 4 million visitors having visited the destination by the end of the year.   

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Safest Area To Stay In Los Cabos  

There are three different areas in Los Cabos that you can stay in, San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, and the Tourist Corridor that connects the two cities.   

The Tourist Corridor, an area along the coast known for its luxury all-inclusive resorts, is super safe.   

While both of the cities that make up Los Cabos are safe too, they do have neighborhoods you’re better off avoiding, particularly in Cabo San Lucas.   

In general, no matter which part you stay in, it’s better to stick to the tourist areas.   

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Cabo San Lucas or San Jose Del Cabo – Which Destination Is Safer? 

Both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are pretty safe.   

San Jose del Cabo is not quite as busy as Cabo San Lucas and doesn’t have the wild nightlife so it might be a little bit safer.   

But no matter which place you stay, if you take certain safety measures you’re likely not to have anything to worry about.   

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Practical Safety Tips For Visiting Los Cabos 

Part of staying safe when visiting any vacation destination is taking your own safety measures.   

There are a few that apply no matter which city, state, or country you visit. 

  • Stay aware of your surroundings. 
  • Aim to not be too flashy. 
  • Don’t wander off into unknown areas. 
  • Travel in pairs or groups at night. 
  • Keep family informed of your plans. 

Doing these things enhances your safety even further in the already safe vacation destination of Los Cabos.

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