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Los Cabos Security Cameras Improving Safety In This Popular Tourist Area 

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Officials in Los Cabos use a lot of different measures to keep the millions of annual visitors safe in the vacation destination.   

Police and military officials patrol the beaches and marina areas, drones are used for monitoring, and canines are utilized to sniff out illegal substances on a regular basis.   

And now, Los Cabos is using security cameras to improve safety in the nightlife area that is popular with Los Cabos tourists. 

Senor Frogs Cabo San Lucas

The Nightlife Area, Also Known As The “Golden Zone” 

The “Golden Zone” of Los Cabos is near the marina area of Cabo San Lucas.   

In this area, in addition to an array of shops and restaurants, there are many bars and nightclubs that are popular among tourists visiting the city.   

A boardwalk runs through the area and is often packed with tourists spending some time shopping, dining, and having a good time.   

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Additional Security Cameras In The Marina Area 

Security cameras are being added both in the “Golden Zone” and around other parts of the marina in order to improve safety for both visitors and locals alike.   

According to the Captain of Public Security, Preventive Police and Municipal Traffic, the surveillance cameras are an important tool for keeping the area safe.   

It is unclear how many of these surveillance cameras have been installed in this area.   

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Why Security Cameras Area Needed 

The purpose of these particular surveillance cameras in these specific areas is to aid in finding drug dealers operating in these tourist hotspots.   

According to the head of Municipal Public Security, drug dealers are most concentrated in the area where the bars are and right in the marina area.   

In general, in Los Cabos, according to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, there has been a 57 percent increase in drug dealing in the first half of this year compared to the first half of last year. 

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The Benefit Of Surveillance Cameras In Los Cabos 

The captain of Public Security, Preventive Police and Municipal Traffic pointed out how these surveillance cameras benefit the fight against drug dealing in Los Cabos’ Most popular tourist areas.   

He commented that “Through the video surveillance cameras of the tourism sector, we have captured certain irregularities with the personnel who are here carrying out drug dealing.”   

He further stated that “they are captured through the video surveillance center and are made available to the public prosecutor’s office either the federal jurisdiction or the common jurisdiction depending on what it contains and the index they are generating.” 

Security Cameras in a Palm Tree Looking Down at the City

Why Drug Dealers Target Tourist Areas 

Much of the reason for drug dealers targeting these popular tourist areas is the concentrated presence of tourists themselves.   

While not all tourists seek out illegal substances when visiting vacation destinations like Los Cabos, it isn’t something that is unheard of, and dealers know this.   

They are likely particularly on the prowl looking for tourists during busy seasons like summer and spring break when too much alcohol can lead to bad decisions that may include purchasing drugs.   

Tourists on a Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Staying Safe By Avoiding Drug Dealers 

While surveillance cameras help authorities keep tourists safe, the best way to stay safe is to avoid drug dealers altogether.   

This isn’t always easy when you’re out having fun and meeting people.   

But it’s important to be very cautious around strangers, not to accept a drink from someone you don’t know, and to protect your drink from unknown people that may be around you.   

People at a table outside of a very colorful bar

Los Cabos Safety 

Los Cabos is one of the safest Mexican vacation destinations you can visit.   

But there will always be individuals trying to sell tourists drugs, although it’s very rare that it leads to violence against tourists.   

And these new security cameras will hopefully help authorities to keep some of these dealers away from popular tourist areas in the future.

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