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New Report Reveals Los Cabos Among Top International Destinations For Americans This Spring

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As expected, the spring season is one of the best times to splurge on a luxurious getaway.

Backed by Allianz’s latest report, the travel insurance provider scoured over 3 million American’s travel itineraries and confirms Los Cabos is among the most popular international destinations this spring.

Should we be surprised? Los Cabos’ moment in the spotlight continues on after a record-breaking year for tourism.

los cabos scenic views on nice day

While not the most popular vacation spot in Mexico, it stands in good company and undoubtedly remains the top luxurious beach destination for U.S. tourists.

The Proof Is In The Numbers

Allianz is a trusted source in the travel industry. Thoroughly analyzing millions of travel plans this spring, releasing the results is not taken lightly.

Itineraries ranging from mid-February through April 15 show a mix of iconic beach destinations and historic cities across the pond.

el arco in los cabos

What’s staggering is how much money Americans are willing to fork over, which is a plus for an expensive beach destination like Los Cabos.

Allianz’s research shows Americans are dishing out an average of $4,681 for 5 to 8 day stays, which is even more than last year.

As Los Cabos hotels have yet again spiked over $500 per night, U.S. travelers are not being deterred from one of Mexico’s premiere destinations.

San Jose del Cabo

festive street in san jose del cabo

As you likely know, Los Cabos is split between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo – both well worth a visit on your trip to the southernmost point of Baja.

Typically, Cabo San Lucas is the action-packed side of the city, so it’s interesting to see that San Jose del Cabo was specifically highlighted on Allianz’s top 10 list.

It seems as if Americans are seeking out the more cultural side of Los Cabos, or perhaps they are finding better deals on this side.

While southern Baja is certainly no Guadalajara or Oaxaca oozing charm and history, San Jose del Cabo has held onto a certain level of its past beyond the luxe resorts for a glimpse at real Mexico.

tourists at artisan shop in san jose del cabo

Undeniably, the entire region has changed over the years, and locals may say it has changed too much, even with tourism as the main driving force for the economy.

However, for those seeking the more authentic side of this city, San Jose del Cabo is where it’s at and travelers have taken notice.

Why San Jose del Cabo Is Such A Draw

Spring and Spring Break are not the same, yet planning a trip at the wrong time this season comes with a downside.

san jose del cabo shoreline

Many “Spring Breakers” will flock to Los Cabos’ pristine beaches and take over the bars of Cabo San Lucas, making the opposite side of town all the more appealing for those who want to avoid the chaos.

That’s not to say some of the action won’t creep into San Jose del Cabo, but it’s far more tolerable for those seeking bliss over beer pongs.

Not only are there are incredible resorts and beaches, tourists can peruse the charming streets of the Arts District, go for incredible hikes, and eat some of the best food in the region.

Not every resort is your typical beachfront stay either as some are quite unique and even more idyllic than Cabo San Lucas.

scenic beach in san jose del cabo

Tucked away from the beach, those in search of something different can opt for a lavish stay in a Treehouse at Acre Resort or go further along the East Cape for one of the most secluded resort stays in the world at the 5-star Montage.

Los Cabos Stands In Good Company

Cancun is a powerhouse that may never be overcome by its fellow beach rivals, but Los Cabos has made a name for itself as a luxurious vacation hotspot.

playa medano in cabo

Americans are all in on beach vacations this spring, except for one iconic European city. Los Cabos stands in good company as the second most popular international destination for Americans this spring.

The complete top 10 list:

  • 1) Cancun, Mexico
  • 2) San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
  • 3) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • 4) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • 5) Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • 6) Nassau, Bahamas
  • 7) Oranjestad, Aruba
  • 8) London, England
  • 9) Providenciales Island, Turks and Caicos
  • 10) Liberia, Costa Rica

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