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Most Los Cabos Tourists Are Paying Over $500 Per Night For Accommodations Right Now

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Los Cabos is an amazing luxurious getaway, but travelers continue to pay premium prices to experience Baja’s top beach destination.

A new report claims most Los Cabos tourists are dishing out over $500 per night for accommodations. That’s a hefty sum of money just to rest your head at night.

beachfront resort in los cabos

Not to shortchange what most fabulous Los Cabos resorts have to offer, but staying in Cabo right now sure isn’t for penny pinchers.

Travelers might be asking themselves, “Is it better to go somewhere else?” and “Is it better to find an alternative stay?”.

Ultimately, that is up to each traveler. That being said, everyone has their own threshold for what a vacation is worth.

Since Los Cabos continues to surge in popularity with another expected record-breaking year for tourism, it seems as if vacationers are still forking over their paychecks for a dreamy beach vacay.

Dishing Out Dead Presidents

crashing waves in cabo

Unfortunately for travelers seeking a bougie getaway, Los Cabos remains on the high end of the spectrum.

For some, that might mean skipping out on a top resort, which is one of the major draws to Los Cabos.

Not to say you would need to stay in a hostel to save money, but it is undeniably becoming harder and harder to score a great deal on hotels.

Looking at Los Cabos hotel rates hasn’t been quite like looking at a stock market chart; the prices have been relatively consistent.

resort pool overlooking cabo

There was a time in recent months where hotels were averaging $400 per night, but rates have spiked yet again with Spring Break looming costing travelers a stack of dead presidents (cash) for their stay.

10 Percent Increase

The latest report declares rates have increased 10 percent, which doesn’t sound half bad on paper.

But then when you think about inflation back home, the cost of airfare, and everything else traveling entails, that’s a big chunk of change.

Last year, rooms were averaging $470 per night and have now reached a nightly average rate of $530.

grand velas in los cabos

In total, tourists are spending over $600 per day, which surely factors in all-inclusive packages, excursions, transport, shopping and dining.

“The tourist flow of what goes to other destinations, we have to focus on the fact that the average rate increased since January by 10%, this is 530 dollars. That is, an increase of 10% of the 470 dollars that was recorded last year.”

“This tells us about the focus that Los Cabos has to have on quality. For us, volume is not important, but quality; attracting the tourist who generates the right benefits.”

Director of Fiturca, Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares
Los Cabos resort

Is It Worth The Price Of Admission?

They say ‘money talks’ and right now the money isn’t shutting its mouth. Follow the tourist money trail in Los Cabos and you will see all roads lead to incredible upscale resorts, many with cushy all-inclusive amenities.

People tend not to pay for something that doesn’t bring intrinsic value, especially at such extravagant price points.

So that may in itself answer the question, “is it worth it?”. There is no doubt travelers will continue coming back as last year was a record-breaking year, and there are no signs to show visitation numbers dipping.

cabo sign on sunny day

There are over 90 hotels to choose from in Cabo, plus vacation rentals. With an influx of travelers making their way here for Spring Break, they are taking the classic ‘if there’s a will, there’s a way’ approach.

Of course, Cabo is an iconic destination for Spring Breakers. Nothing is going to get in their way visiting one of the most iconic Spring Break destinations.

That being said, the spring season isn’t the only time rates have been or will be this costly. With beaches in high demand in summer, too, expecting sky-high rates may be the new norm for the foreseeable future.

Unless you’re rolling with deep pockets, travelers may need to sort through what each hotel does to justify the expense and check out other ways to save money in Cabo.

Los Cabos aerial view

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