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Los Cabos Cracking Down On Street Vendors As Busy Spring Break Season Begins

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One of the time-honored traditions for tourists visiting Mexican vacation destinations is buying souvenirs, food, and other items from street vendors.   

In Los Cabos, street vendors operate in popular tourist hotspots like the downtown and marina areas in Cabo San Lucas and on the beaches, particularly Medano Beach.   

There are not typically any safety issues with buying from street vendors, but some work illegally, and Los Cabos is cracking down on these street vendors as spring break season begins.   

Beach Vendor on a Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Why This Operation Is Important Now 

Over the next several weeks, thousands upon thousands of tourists will be visiting the beaches and other tourist hotspots of Los Cabos for spring break.   

It’s not uncommon during these busy times for more street vendors to be out in tourist hotspots.   

The problem is that this is when many illegal vendors try to take advantage of tourists, which is why authorities are vigilantly looking for them.   

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The Problem With Unregulated Street Vendors 

Many unregulated street vendors are harmless when it comes to the physical safety of tourists.   

The problem with unregulated vendors is that they may be out to scam tourists.   

Selling fake tours, specifically, is one of the most common scams tourists might fall victim to when dealing with an unregulated street vendor.   

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What Authorities Are Doing  

The only requirement for vendors to become legal is obtaining a permit to operate as a street vendor.   

Los Cabos officials are trying to ensure that all vendors are legal.   

The first step that authorities are taking towards reaching this goal is performing inspections in order to identify illegal vendors and urge them to become legalized.   

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Street And Beach Vendors In Los Cabos 

There are hundreds of street vendors operating on the streets and beaches of Los Cabos.   

All of the items typically sold by street vendors can be found at local brick-and-mortar shops.   

Something about buying from street vendors, though, speaks to the authentic experiences so many tourists seek when visiting Mexico.   

Beach Vendors in Los Cabos

Things You Might Want To Buy From A Street Vendor 

Street vendors sell everything from traditional Mexican street food and beverages to massages, souvenirs, hats, and jewelry.   

You may even see beach vendors shucking oysters out of a cooler.   

The most common beach to find beach vendors is Medano Beach.   

If you’re looking to avoid them, you may prefer a beach like Santa Maria or Chileno, which typically have fewer vendors than Medano.   

Street Vendor in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Being Cautious About The Vendors You Buy From 

To avoid illegal street vendors, it’s important to be cautious of the vendors you buy from.   

Avoiding overly pushy vendors is a good rule of thumb. 

More important, though, is being cautious of food vendors because you don’t just run the risk of being scammed but getting sick, too.   

It’s crucial that vendors store food properly, particularly during hot weather months. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, like a lack of proper refrigeration, it’s best to steer clear.  

male food vendor with cart

Los Cabos’ Spring Break Season 

Spring break in Los Cabos is already underway and will last until about the first week in April.   

This year, there are expected to be even more tourists visiting the destination because the Easter holiday takes place during spring break, too.   

The huge number of tourists who will be spending time in Los Cabos is all the more reason for scam artists to try to take advantage of unsuspecting visitors.   

Sometimes, they may be in the form of street vendors, so a little caution is advised.   

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