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New Park Hyatt, St. Regis, and Four Seasons Coming To Los Cabos 

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The number of tourists who visit Los Cabos has increased over the last couple of years, often filling hotels in the area almost to capacity.  Currently, there are nearly 100 hotels in the area to meet the needs of tourists, and three more, a Park Hyatt, a St. Regis, and a Four Seasons, are coming to the area in the near future.  All three of the new hotels are expected to be completed within the next four years.  

Small View of Cabo

The translation of Los Cabos is “The Capes,” and Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are each one of the two capes that make up Los Cabos.  A cape is a higher mass of land that extends into a body of water, in this case, into the sea.  The prominent change in the coastline changes how the tides affect the erosion of the land, resulting in the breathtaking dramatic landscape that characterizes Los Cabos.  

Cabo Marina

This awe-inspiring vista and the beautiful beaches that come along with it are what bring millions of tourists to Los Cabos every year.  And since the Covid-19 pandemic, during which Mexico kept its borders open, tourism has grown exponentially, requiring the need to keep up with the demand for hotel accommodations in the area.  This year around 700 rooms were added with the opening of three new hotels, The Residences at the St. Regis Los Cabos, Villa La Valencia Beach Resort & Spa Los Cabos, and Rancho Pescadero.   

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Cabo Cruise Ship and Tourists

Now, the Los Cabos area is expected to add approximately 2,000 more luxury hotel rooms between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas over the next few years.  Many of the hotels that are already there are beautiful all-inclusive resorts that sit either on the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Cortez.  One of the things that Los Cabos is known for is this “meeting of the sea and the ocean” at Land’s end in Cabo San Lucas.   

San Jose del Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is the busier of the two capes and is where you’ll find famous landmarks like the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, or El Arco.  It has more restaurants and hotels, as well as a more vibrant nightlife than San Jose del Cabo.  In addition to getting a large portion of the annual visitors that fly into the Los Cabos Airport, Cabo San Lucas also gets thousands of cruise ship passengers every year as well. 

San Jose del Cabo Restaurant

San Jose del Cabo is more like a traditional Mexican town, quieter and typically with fewer people than in Cabo San Lucas.  It’s characterized by its authentic culture, artistic community, and creative food scene.  The downtown area is a food lover’s paradise, where events are held regularly to highlight the creativity and authenticity of the local cuisine. 

Cabo Beach and Tourists

The new Park Hyatt will have 162 rooms and 35 private residences and will be located in the Cabo del Sol area of Cabo San Lucas.  The St. Regis will be located in Cabo San Lucas as well and will feature 180 luxury accommodations and 74 private residences on nearly 2,000 acres of land.  The Four Seasons will be situated along the Tourist Corridor, between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, and will have 96 rooms, 17 private suites, and five villas. 

Cabo Beach Tourists

Even more hotels and resorts are sure to come along over the next several years in order to continue to meet the demand of the growing number of tourists who want to vacation in Los Cabos.  Most likely, they will be luxury resorts that will offer the same level of amenities and service that Los Cabos has come to be known for.   

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