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3 New Reasons Travelers Are Flocking To Los Cabos More Than Ever

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In 2023, Los Cabos tourism has skyrocketed, reaching approximately 4 million visitors in total. 

According to Los Cabos officials, current tourism rates reflect a 13% increase since 2022. 

There has also been a significant increase in international tourists visiting Los Cabos this past year. 

the arch in los cabos

As the Baja California Sur trending destination’s popularity has continued to grow, there are various factors that contributed to this. 

The director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust (FITURCA), Rodrigo Esponda, stated that the reason for this growth in tourism is the interests of the tourists flocking to Los Cabos, specifically in hiking, gastronomic ventures, and social responsibility through ecotourism. 

Because of the power of social media, influencers, and travel guides, people have spread the word about specific trails to hike, restaurants to visit, and ecotourism activities to partake in, drawing more tourists to the trending sunny vacation destination. 

man hiking in the baja california sur

Here’s what you need to know about hiking around Los Cabos, eating at local restaurants, and saving the environment while enjoying the beauty and serenity that nature has to offer. 

Adventure Via Hiking and Other Activities 

Many tourists coming to Los Cabos are interested in hiking in the mountains or on nearby islands accessible by boat. 

With knowledgeable tour guides, you can hike through various popular mountain ranges like the Sierra de la Laguna, Rancho Cacachilas, Estero San Jose del Cabo, and more. 

By hiking El Cerro del Vigia, you can also see the popular tourist attraction El Arco, a rock formation also known as the Land’s End on the coast of Cabo San Lucas. 


Trekking the trails is a great opportunity to see some of the amazing biodiversity that Los Cabos is known for in plant life and animal life. 

Other increasingly popular outdoor activities include sportfishing and golfing, which have resulted in numerous highly competitive tournaments drawing hundreds of tourists and generating lots of money. 

Gastronomic Ventures 

Los Cabos is also attracting a large number of tourists for the local cuisine and fine dining options available. 

street food cart on the street in los cabos

With a wide variety of cuisines offered in restaurants and by street food vendors, Los Cabos is becoming one of the most popular food destinations in the world, and high-ranking organizations like the Michelin Guide have started to notice.   

As one of the top organic producers in Mexico, Los Cabos is also becoming well-known for its numerous farm-to-table restaurants and high-quality food. 

The farm-to-table restaurants not only include locally grown produce, but they also highlight the best of locally-produced meats and fish caught fresh. 

Group of Friends Enjoying a Farm to Table Lunch

The Baja California Sur hotspot is also very well known for its local farmers markets, which tourists have begun to frequent in droves.

The Los Cabos resorts are also well-known for their wide variety of dining options for travelers and exclusive experiences for foodies. 

Social Responsibility Through Ecotourism in Los Cabos 

Ecotourism is another rising trend in Los Cabos that seems to be bringing in tourists from far and wide. 

girls horseback riding mexico

Known as “responsible travel,” ecotourism allows travelers to participate in preserving the environment while having fun on vacation while staying in a luxury destination. 

Unlike ocean-based activities, tourists can participate in ecotourism activities no matter the weather conditions. 

Allowing travelers to reconnect with nature in a new way, some of the most popular ecotourism activities include hiking, mountain biking, paddleboarding, kayaking, horseback riding, and more. 

soft coral in the baja california sur

Some of the most popular sites to visit to see the best of ecotourism that Los Cabos has to offer include the San Dionisio region (where you can visit ranches and explore the mountains), and Cabo Pulmo National Park (a marine sanctuary with coral reef).  

One of the most popular ecotourism activities pursued by tourists that promotes social responsibility is coral reef preservation in San Margarito Islet, Punta Pichilingue, and Balandra. 

An activity organized by local officials a few years ago, locals have recruited tourists to preserve and save coral reefs by preparing the sites to receive new corals. 

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