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Why This Gorgeous Beach In Los Cabos Is A Favorite Among Tourists 

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Los Cabos, which is known for its spectacular beaches, has plenty to choose from when you’re looking for a great beach to spend your time on while vacationing in the popular destination.   

Of the many beaches in Los Cabos, the one that gets the most attention is Medano, or Playa El Medano, located in Cabo San Lucas.   

But Playa El Chileno, also known as Chileno Beach, located along the Tourist Corridor in San Jose del Cabo, is very popular too.   

Chileno Beach Along the Tourist Corridor of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

And there are a number of reasons why this gorgeous beach in Los Cabos is a favorite among tourists.   

Clear Calm Blue-Green Water 

If you’ve ever been to Los Cabos or have done your research on the destination, you already know that a number of the beaches are not safe for swimming.   

Strong waves and unpredictable currents make these beaches in the area dangerous to enter the water.   

This is not true for Chileno Beach, though, because the water is calm enough to enjoy swimming and other activities.   

It’s also crystal clear and a beautiful shade of blue-green, making it one of the prettiest beaches in Los Cabos too. 

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Perfectly Soft Sand  

For those who love beach destinations, you know how much the sand can vary from place to place.   

Sometimes the sand is a little too rough to really enjoy the beach, but this is not the case on Chileno Beach.   

The soft sand is perfect for spending a day sunbathing and enjoying the beach.   

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Marine Life In Abundance 

If snorkeling is on your list of things to do while visiting Los Cabos, Chileno Beach is a fantastic place to do it.   

This is not only because the water is calm and clear but because of the abundance of marine life as well.   

In the bay, you’ll find hundreds of tropical fish, sea turtles, manta rays, sea lions, dolphins, and more, and there are plenty of snorkeling tours available, as well as places to rent or buy equipment. 

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Facilities Available  

Chileno Beach is one of the select few beaches in Los Cabos that has a number of facilities to make your visit more comfortable.   

This includes parking, portable public restrooms, and receptacles to throw waste in.   

You’ll also find a wooden walkway leading to the beach and a number of palapas for sun protection on the beach as well.   

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Plenty Of Lifeguards 

The conditions of the water in Los Cabos are constantly changing and often lead to at least yellow flags being posted on the beaches.   

During times when there is a yellow flag, visitors are advised to be very cautious getting into the water.   

Fortunately, Chileno Beach is one of the beaches with an ample amount of lifeguards present to watch over swimmers.   

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Fantastic For Water Activities 

Water activities are popular and plentiful in Los Cabos, and Chileno Beach is a great place to enjoy some of these activities.   

Chileno Bay has the ideal conditions for kayaking and paddleboarding, and motorized watercraft are not permitted.   

This not only makes water activities safer but more enjoyable too.   

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More Laidback  

You’ll also find that compared to Medano Beach, Chileno Beach is much more laid back.   

Medano is right in town in Cabo San Lucas, so it’s almost always packed with tourists.   

Playa El Chileno, on the other hand, is in a more secluded area along the Tourist Corridor, so there are typically fewer people on the beach, which makes it much easier to relax and unwind on your Los Cabos vacation. 

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