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Los Cabos Tourists Urged To Follow Safety Advice After Recent Taxi Incident

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Tourists heading to and from the airport had quite a scene on their hands last week when a taxi went by them with two young women sitting on the edge of the door windows with most of their bodies on the outside.

Other drivers and tourists were amazed at the dangerous activity and were pleased to see nobody got hurt during the reckless stunt.

Tourists Behaving Badly

View of Los Cabos beach

While it was not confirmed that they were tourists, those on the road who witnessed the event and reported it to municipal Los Cabos authorities said the two women appeared to be visitors to the beach resort destination and on a vacation getaway.

Many passengers on the road took to social media to post pictures of the stunt and condemn the two women for the activity that put them in extreme danger.

It sparked a bigger social media debate among travelers to Los Cabos about the need to respect the road and safety rules when in the area and avoid putting themselves and others at risk.

Rental car vehicles outside of Los Cabos International Airport

Criticism of Taxi Company

Equally, criticism on social media was quick and harsh about the airport taxi company, which allowed the two women to participate in the dangerous activity.

The license plate on the white Nissan Sentra taxi vehicle was clearly visible in photos circulating on social media and in news reports about the incident.

Taxi driver in Los Cabos

Drivers and passengers on the roadway were amazed that the taxi driver would allow such activity and speculated what would happen to the driver once the incident was reported on social media and on the news.

The question also was about what type of sanctions or official penalties would come from the Los Cabos Public Safety Department and law enforcement for participating in the reckless stunt.

Awaiting Official Response

Tourists in a Resort Pool in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

So far, Los Cabos public safety officials and law enforcement have not responded about the event taking place in the last full week of April.

Additionally, there has not been any information reported by the taxi company about the incident and any administrative actions or sanctions taken against the company or the driver involved in the activity.

Those who followed the story on social media were hoping for an update late in the week.

Police truck in Los Cabos

Tourists Concerned About Road Safety

The entire issue brought up a debate among travelers about the overall safety of the roadways in Los Cabos, especially those used to transport visitors to and from Los Cabos International Airport.

Many wondered if this was a one-off incident or a sign of bigger issues and expressed concerns about exactly what was going on in taxis full of tourists riding around town.

Waiting For Tourists At Cabo Airport

Even news reports about the event were concerned about the safety of travelers in local taxis and called for more enforcement of the traffic safety laws, especially on the very busy roadways in the area, such as those near the Los Cabos International Airport.

What Travelers Need to Know

While arriving in Los Cabos for a beach resort vacation getaway can be full of fun and excitement, travelers still need to be responsible for their own common sense safety and security.

Tourists having fun in Los Cabos

This dangerous incident definitely was not common sense and put themselves and other drivers and passengers on the roadway at significant risk of danger.

If a visitor would not do a reckless activity at home, why would they put themselves at risk in a foreign country.

Last, the taxi company and driver should definitely face some type of sanction for allowing this type of dangerous activity.

Local law enforcement and public safety officials should immediately take action to protect all visitors using the roadway to and from Los Cabos International Airport in the future.

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