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Los Cabos Tourists Urged To Be Cautious At This Nearby Beach

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It’s one of the beaches most visited by locals and travelers from Los Cabos. However, it’s got a notorious reputation that most tourists should actually avoid.

Cerritos Beach is considered by many to be simply one of the most dangerous beaches in the entire state of Baja California Sur, and it has killed two tourists this year.

Be Careful at Cerritos Beach

Cerritos Beach

On the way to the popular artsy tourist hotspot of Todos Santos, north of Los Cabos, is the quiet fishing village of El Pesacador. One hour away from the main tourist attractions in the area, the small town is home to about 2,000 residents.

It’s also home to the notorious Cerritos Beach.

Considered a beginner beach by many of the surfers on the shore, it is actually dangerous for the typical tourist swimmer due to the strong tides and big waves that put visitors to the popular beach at risk.

Aerial View of Cerritos Beach in Todos Santos, Mexico

But still the beach spring holiday travelers are expected to increase in numbers at Cerritos Beach regardless of the risk.

“I know that accidents that occur there are very frequent, and especially among those who come to surf,” said the Undersecretary of Civil Protection of Baja California Sur, Héctor Amparano Herrera, in a story about the issue. “You cannot challenge the force of nature, especially in that area of ​​the Cerritos. For this reason, together with Civil Protection of Los Cabos, we are going to check all the recommendations that we have made to service providers so that they can also help us.”

Fire Truck On Beach

Protection Operation Reinforced

Despite the danger for tourists at Cerritos Beach, it is one of the few very popular beaches near Los Cabos that does not have lifeguards stationed to protect visitors and locals.

During the busy spring holiday travel season which starts in earnest this week with Easter at the end of the month, Undersecretary Amparano Herrera said he will work with the local first responders in the area to make regular patrols of the Cerritos Beach area to avoid any major incidents.

Surf boards at Los Cerritos Beach in Baja California, Mexico

According to Undersecretary Amparano Herrera, two drownings of tourists have already occurred at the beach this year.

He graphically mentioned in a news story that the victims were surprised by the waves, were dragged to the bottom of the sea and lost their lives due to asphyxiation due to drowning.

He doesn’t want it to happen again, especially during the popular spring holiday vacation season.

Aerial view of Cerritos Beach in Todos Santos Baja California

Assisting the effort to keep tourists safe at one of the dangerous beaches in the state will be officials from the Ministry of the Navy, along with local, state and federal first responders.

The plan to have the greatest presence available to assist tourists in need at Cerritos Beach during the peak time and days which will likely have the most visitors.

What Tourists Need to Know

Ambulance on the way to an incident in Los Cabos

Tourists should avoid swimming at Cerritos Beach unless they are very skilled at open-water ocean swimming. Entering the water is definitely at one’s own risk.

If travelers decide to accept the risk and take their chances swimming at the dangerous beach, Civil Protection of Baja California Sur has some recommendations.

Pay special attention to the tides, eddies, and currents in the water, and be prepared to change course depending on the conditions.

Tourists should not try to swim against the current as all it will do is wear the swimmer out physically. Instead, it is advised to swim parallel to the beach and, once out of the current, proceed directly to shore.

Visitors to Cerritos Beach should not swim alone and should always have someone watching on shore. They should also have a mobile phone to call first responders at the sign of an emergency.

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Wednesday 20th of March 2024

Having lived in Baja Sur not far from Cerritos for many years, I find this article totally out of wack! And, completely uninformed. The author needs to spend more time swimming and surfing all the beaches in Baja Sur. Cerritos is no more dangerous than any other Pacific coast beach and safer than most. Tourists do some stupid things and get themselves in trouble anywhere! Really!?!?