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Caution Advised On Los Cabos’ Most Popular Beaches Right Now

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Travelers may be looking ahead to their winter plans, but Cabo never truly stops. Even though this time of year is supposedly the ‘slow season’, many tourists still make their way to paradise.

The weather has made a big impact in recent months, but travelers continue flocking here. After the recent passing of Hurricane Norma, one would think travelers might be more hesitant to choose Los Cabos as their vacation spot.

scenic beach in los cabos

Hurricane season isn’t officially over just yet, but the good news is there is no immediate threat on the horizon.

Tourists shouldn’t have to worry about sheltering in place for the foreseeable future. However, for most visitors, hitting the beach is at the top of the list.

A hurricane may not be on the horizon, but general bad weather has put a damper on beach plans this week.

It has reached a point of placing the dreaded flags of varying colors on some of Los Cabos’ most popular beaches.

beach chairs on cabo beach

No Hurricane No Problem, Right?

Weather can be fickle, to say the least. You think you’re escaping to sunny paradise when, lo and behold, a rainstorm arrives.

To no surprise, beaches become off-limits to tourists when powerful storms such as recent hurricanes pass through.

However, that’s not the only beach hazards vacationers should be aware of. Los Cabos saw sunny days after the recent hurricane, but rainy, windy days have made an appearance this week.

storm at beach

This has caused local officials to be “the bad guy” and have to place the all-too-familiar flags on some of Cabo’s top beaches.

10 Flags Have Been Placed

So far, 10 flags have been placed across Cabo’s beaches. Primarily due to strong winds, certain beaches will have limitations until further notice.

6 yellow flags and 4 red flags have been posted, signifying different levels of concern. Winds are being reported with gusts up to 13 mph, but may be even stronger depending on more storms.

yellow flag posted on beach

“The Municipal Coordination of ZOFEMAT Los Cabos recommends beach users take precautions depending on the color of the flag, which indicates the conditions in which the sea is found.”

– Municipal Coordination of ZOFEMAT

Weather reports show there may be mixed showers, strong winds and cloudy days throughout the week in Los Cabos.

A few days may be sunny, so it may be best to highlight those dates for the most likely beach days.

Which Cabo Beaches Are Affected?

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned vet to Los Cabos, chances are you have a certain beach in mind.

red flag on beach in los cabos

Many tourists simply step outside their resort to kickstart their beach day, while others plan out their ultimate day in paradise.

Either way, beachgoers should be aware yellow flags have been placed at the following beaches:

  • El Médano
  • El Corsario
  • Hacienda
  • Palmilla
  • Santa María
  • Chileno

Going one step further, red flags have been placed at these beaches:

  • Viudas
  • Surgimiento
  • La Gaviota
  • Beaches within the “Tourist Corridor”
red flag on a sandy beach in cabo

For those unaware, Cabo uses a color-coded flag system to determine the safety level at any particular beach.

In this case, tourists should only be aware of yellow and red flags. Yellow indicates the beach has been deemed as dangerous, where bathing is no longer allowed.

Red indicates swimming is strictly prohibited. Rescues of people ignoring warnings have been reported as of late, so it’s best to take these warnings seriously.

Day Trip Anyone?

colorful street in todos santos

If it just so happens to rain on your beach parade, this may be the perfect time to go exploring. There are many places worth visiting and making it back to your resort for your all-inclusive dinner.

The lovely town of Todos Santos is a short drive away for an authentic cultural experience. There is also Santiago, a charming 300-year-old town within close distance.

Of course, you could sit back and enjoy all the plush amenities at your resort or galavant around town too.

No matter the weather or beach conditions, Cabo is a good time and will surely provide the fun getaway you’ve been craving.

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