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Los Cabos To Receive 30 New Inspectors To Keep Peace Between Taxis And Ubers

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Los Cabos is adding 30 new transport inspectors to try and stay ahead of any potential incidents between taxi drivers and Uber drivers.

The main aim, according to the authorities, is to ensure that competition remains fair between the local taxi industry and the ride-hailing giant.

Los Cabos To Receive 30 New Inspectors To Keep Peace Between Taxis And Ubers

Pre-Emptive Action

This latest announcement is a welcome pre-emptive action that works to prevent incidents similar to the horrific trouble seen in Cancun, Mexico.

Across multiple social media sites, videos have been posted of taxi drivers in Cancun carrying out confrontational actions, all with the goal of trying to deter travelers from using Uber instead of the local taxi industry.

uber logo on a smartphone

These actions were far from measured. Instances of taxi drivers slashing the tires of Ubers in traffic, blocking whole highways as a form of protest, and even smashing the windows of cars they believe to be operating as Ubers are some of the more infamous examples.

At one point earlier in the year, the situation became so bad that the local police had to ferry a large number of travelers who were stuck in the middle of the disagreements to the airport.

Los Cabos has seen several minor issues between taxi drivers and Uber drivers, although they have thankfully been few and far between—a record the destination desperately wants to uphold.

Municipal police in Mexico

An Image To Protect

Los Cabos has a hard-won image as a peaceful and luxurious corner of Mexico where travelers can leave the stress of the working world behind for a week or two and recharge.

Naturally, the local authorities want to protect that image as well as they can, a fact easily seen by the near-endless announcements of new investment and training in local law enforcement.

But, the authorities in Los Cabos also work to learn from the mistakes of its sister destinations in Mexico. In that respect, it’s great news for travelers that action is being taken to avoid the ongoing situation in Cancun.

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The Cause

While the confrontations in Cancun between taxi drivers and Ubers are shocking, this isn’t an issue seen only in Mexico.

Across the world, Uber has continually come under fire for what is perceived as predatory pricing practices. The argument from some is that Uber, thanks to its mammoth financial strength, deliberately underpriced rides, making its service financially irresistible to people. In turn, this is said to force the local taxi operators out of business.

Uber logo on a car door

Whether true or not, the effect that perception has had on taxi drivers is that Uber is now seen as a direct threat to their ability to earn a salary. A worry that is completely understandable in context.

While that doesn’t excuse the actions of the minority of taxi drivers who have engaged in aggressive and illegal acts, all in an attempt to keep Uber away, any working person could understand the frustration of the situation they are in.

A mexican taxi

Is Uber Safe To Use?

This is a question asked often by travelers planning a visit to Mexico, even more so since the incidents in Cancun.

Currently, it is completely safe and legal to use Uber in Los Cabos. While it isn’t possible to use the service as an airport transfer, it remains a perfectly safe and convenient way to get around Los Cabos.

Aerial view of los cabos marina

Should Taxis Be Avoided?

The taxi industry in Los Cabos is very well-regulated and is one of the safest and most reliable ways to travel around the destination.

It’s also possible to use taxis as airport transfers. However, the high prices can sometimes mean using a private airport transfer company is just as budget-friendly and, more often than not, more luxurious.

For travelers staying in a resort, a taxi in Los Cabos is also just as convenient as Uber. The majority of resorts are more than happy to arrange a taxi pick-up for travelers at reception.

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Sunday 29th of October 2023

I am a long time part-time Cabo resident from Chicago. I use Uber more because the drivers have been more respectful and friendly. Over the years in Cabo some of the taxi drivers have been quit disrespectful and rude. With Uber, you also know exactly how much you will pay.