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This U.S. State Loves Los Cabos More Than Any Other 

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Los Cabos has become super popular among American tourists from all over the country but particularly so among travelers from one specific state, and for good reason.  A total of 68 percent of all American tourists who visit the popular Mexican vacation destination are from the state of California.  And the number one reason for this is that California is so close to Baja California Sur, which is the state that Los Cabos is in.  

Small Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos

Baja California directly connects to the state of California, and Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are Baja California’s most popular vacation destinations.  These two destinations that make up Los Cabos are like the best of two completely different vacation destinations in one, as they are only about 20 minutes from each other.  Cabo San Lucas is a vibrant tourist city that has exciting nightlife, a marina with all kinds of tours for nautical activities, and a bunch of all-inclusive hotels, while San Jose del Cabo is much more authentic, peaceful, and charming.   

Cabo Sunset, Los Cabos

There are many reasons to visit Los Cabos, from the never-ending sunshine to the beautiful beaches and everything in between. And there are numerous factors that make Los Cabos appealing to American tourists living in California that stem from that close proximity.  We’ll point out a few of those factors that, when it comes to finding an ideal vacation destination, are significant benefits for California travelers. 

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View of Cabo from Observatory, Los Cabos

Cheaper Airline Tickets To Los Cabos

Flights from California to Los Cabos International Airport are among the cheapest you’ll find connecting to the popular vacation destination.  Just by doing a quick Google Flights search, you can find direct flight tickets from San Diego for as low as $240 roundtrip in January, February, and March. And from Los Angeles to Los Cabos, you can find tickets as low as $179 roundtrip for those months.   

Cave Beach in Cabo

Short Flights Times 

In addition to flights being cheaper as a result of the close proximity between California and Los Cabos, the flight times are also very short.  A direct flight from San Diego will only take a little over two hours, and from Los Angeles a little less than two and a half hours.  And the best part about the short flight times as they are able to offer more daily flights from these airports, and currently, there are four flights every day from Los Angeles and seven from San Diego. 

American Airlines Plane Leaving LAX

Quick Getaway To Los Cabos

Short flight times, cheaper airline tickets, and multiple flights offered daily and weekly all combine to make it easy to take a quick vacation.  For Californians, this means there are plenty of opportunities to get away for a few days without a lot of interruptions in their schedules.  Not having to spend an entire day traveling and waiting at multiple airports takes a lot of the stress out of taking a vacation, which makes the whole experience much more relaxing, which is what a vacation is meant for. 

Couples Getaway

Easy Immigration Process 

Finally, for Americans traveling to Mexico, including Los Cabos, the immigration process has gotten much easier than it used to be not so long ago.  Tourists are able to apply for their tourist cards online and print the required paperwork to bring, rather than having to do it at the airport.  This makes lines and wait times shorter, but it also allows tourists to have all their affairs in order before arriving at the Los Cabos International Airport.  

Document Check In

There are really no reasons not to visit Los Cabos, and this is more true for American tourists that live in California than anyone.  The much simpler travel to and from the two places, and all that Los Cabos has to offer, are the only reasons needed to make it a favorite Mexican vacation destination.

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