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Los Cabos Tourists Can Expect To See Armed Guards At These Locations This Winter 

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Officials in Los Cabos take security pretty seriously in the popular vacation destination in order to maintain a good image for tourists who might visit the area.  That security is ramped up even more during the busiest times of the year for tourism, and this year is no different, so tourists shouldn’t be surprised to see armed guards in the area this winter.  We’ll share some of the locations where Los Cabos tourists can expect to see armed guards this winter.

Armed Guards in Cabo on the beach with tourists all around.

Los Cabos Beaches 

In recent years armed guards have been utilized to patrol the beaches more and more often.  Due to the fact that this is more commonplace, tourists shouldn’t be alarmed at the presence of police or military officers on the beach.  They typically will be fully dressed in military fatigues or uniforms and walk along the beaches looking for illegal activity. 

Armed Guard at Cabo Beach with a vendor standing in view and the water in the background.

Patrol Vehicles  

A variety of different types of patrol vehicles may be used to carry armed guards through various parts of both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.  They might include cars, pickup trucks, and even military vehicles with armed guards riding on the back of them.  It’s likely that tourists will see these vehicles driving up and down some of the busiest streets in Los Cabos.  

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Armed Guard in Patrol Vehicle in Cabo driving down the streets.

Los Cabos Main Tourist Zones 

One of the most common places to see armed guards is in the main tourist areas of the two cities.  This includes the downtown areas, the beaches, and the areas around hotels, particularly.  Armed guards may be seen walking, driving through the streets in patrol vehicles, and even driving ATVs in areas near and on the beach and the marinas. 

Armed Guard on the Beach Near Hotels in Cabo with tourists on the beach.

Stores and Shopping Centers 

Just like anywhere else, there is likely an uptick in crime around the holidays, particularly in areas where there are places to shop, and Los Cabos is no different.  Enhanced security at stores and shopping centers, including those frequented by tourists, is a common practice.  In many cases, the enhanced security will be in the form of armed guards and military officials. 

Cabo Marina Shopping center with boats in the water and people walking around.

Marina Area 

The marina in Cabo San Lucas is filled with stores and restaurants, and it becomes even more packed during the holiday season.  It’s very common to see armed guards in military garb walking around the area looking for anyone trying to commit a crime.  These guards are also able to intervene in any situations that might arise as a result of celebrations getting out of hand. 

Guard at Marina patrolling the area and a tourist standing behind the guard.

Despite the fact that Los Cabos is sometimes presented as having excessive crime that makes it a dangerous place to visit, it is actually a very safe Mexican vacation destination.  Armed military personnel are often used to ensure the security and safety of tourists, and as a result, it isn’t very often that tourists are affected by crime in Los Cabos.  It can be disconcerting to see military officers walking and driving the streets because it isn’t common practice in places like the U.S. and Canada, but it isn’t unusual to utilize military personnel in Mexico, and it shouldn’t be alarming. 

National Guard members on truck patrolling the area.

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are visited by millions of international tourists every year.  The region is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Mexico among American and Canadian tourists and is still growing in popularity.  Being committed to objectives like consistently implementing operations to maintain security is only going to give even more tourists confidence in the vacation destination and draw more visitors to the region.

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