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Los Cabos Tourists Advised To Make Reservations As Restaurants Report 100% Occupancy Throughout Spring

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Cabo restaurants are expected to see 100% occupancy rates through some of the busiest dates this spring.

The upcoming weekend is a 3-day weekend for Mexican workers, so Cabo is expecting a mixture of foreign and domestic tourists to fill up local restaurants.

Packed Restaurant By The Beach

Even on non-holiday dates, March has been an extremely successful month for local restaurants. Primarily due to the arrival of “spring breakers” throughout the entire month. 

Michel Zermeño, president of the national chamber that represents the restaurant industry, explained that March is typically the busiest month of the year for Cabo restaurants.

According to Zermeño, although restaurants also tend to fill up during the end of the year holiday season, there’s only about a 2-week period in which restaurants are completely full.

When it comes to March, there’s about a 90% consistent occupancy rate throughout the entire month. 

Tourists Dining at an Outdoor Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo

This is mainly due to the fact that schools and other workplaces that give people days off during this time of year do so in different weeks throughout the month.

For travelers coming to Cabo through the end of March and into April, the best course of action is to make reservations at restaurants well ahead of time. 

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Los Cabos Resort Packed with Tourists Having Fun in the Pool

Ways To Make Reservations At Cabo Restaurants

In most of the high-end spots, particularly in Cabo San Lucas, you can search for the restaurant online.

Most of them have an online presence, and many of them even offer the chance to make reservations through the open table software. What you would need to do there is just scroll to the date and time that you want to make a reservation.

You can go through the whole process without having to contact the property directly. Some restaurants may not allow you to make a reservation too far in advance.

Just make sure to get one as quickly as it is made available. 

Reserved Sign At A Restaurant

For restaurants that don’t accept reservations online, you can always call them directly and make the reservation.

Make sure to put in the call during operating hours and, ideally, do so at a time of day that won’t be so busy for the spot.

This will make it more likely that someone will answer the phone. In most of the high-end spots in Cabo San Lucas, particularly in the Marina area, English is not going to be a problem. 

American Tourists In Los Cabos Marina

The fact that you have to pick where you want to eat days in advance may not feel ideal for some. It’s still better than scrambling through Los Cabos looking for a place to eat because you didn’t make reservations.

For people who want to completely avoid the hassle of making the reservations and potentially calling multiple spots in one day, you could get help from the concierge service at your hotel.

Most of the top resorts in Cabo have people at the front desk that can help guests make reservations at different Cabo properties.

In fact, even if you didn’t find a vacancy online, there’s still a chance that your hotel concierge can find a table for you.

Hostess at a restaurant taking a reservation from a phone call

San Jose del Cabo May Operate Differently     

There are, of course, high restaurants in San Jose del Cabo to which you’ll be able to get reservations through the same methods listed above.

That being said, San Jose del Cabo is home to more food trucks and street food options.

These spots tend to operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Without offering up the possibility of making reservations.

For these spots, the best bet may be to head out for an early dinner or even breakfast. 

Mexican street food market stall

These restaurants or street food venues are also known to get crowded through this time of year — particularly over the weekends in March.

Regardless of where travelers ultimately decide to eat, it’s usually a good idea to be proactive with the decision. Don’t assume that there will be spots available without a reservation.

Even at restaurants that are located within the resort that you’re staying at in Los Cabos, it’s a good idea to make reservations. Restaurants on resort property can’t necessarily fit all of the guests staying at the resort at once.

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