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Two Americans Drown In Los Cabos Resort Pool — Ambulance Takes 30 Minutes To Arrive 

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The worst thing that could possibly happen during a dream vacation in Los Cabos recently happened to a family visiting from the U.S. 

Two Americans from Ohio, vacationing in Los Cabos with their family, drowned in a Los Cabos resort pool and died. 

The ambulance reportedly took more than 30 minutes to arrive, and life-saving equipment on the resort property did not work properly, according to witnesses from the U.S. and Canada. 

Small Beautiful Idyllic Vacation Destination of Los Cabos, Mexico

The Drowning Victims 

A family of four was visiting Los Cabos, staying at the Villa del Palmar resort in Cabo San Lucas, but only two members of the family made it back home to Ohio alive. 

After working hard to save up the money for the trip, Bal Krishna Neupane, his wife Ruka Dahal Neupane, and their two sons, Aarav and Arpan, 6 and 3, respectively, were finally on their dream vacation. 

Unfortunately, that much-anticipated vacation ended in tragedy when the older son, Aarav, and his mother drowned in the resort’s pool. 

The Mystery Behind The Drowning 

According to the husband and the many witnesses that found the mother and son, including those that pulled the bodies from the pool, the cause of the drowning is a mystery. 

Apparently, Mr. Neupane had taken the younger son, Arpan, to a restroom inside the resort and, upon returning, saw two people being pulled from the pool by other guests. 

He quickly realized that it was his wife and eldest son but was reportedly confused as to why they were in the deep part of the pool when neither of them could swim. 

Ambulance Parked on a Street in Mexico

Tragedy In Minutes 

Bal Krishna Neupane was only gone for a few minutes on that February 24th afternoon, the last evening of their vacation, having left his wife and son in the hot tub where they were spending time as a family to take his other son to the bathroom. 

During that time, Ruka Dahal Neupane and her son Aarav got out of the hot tub and into one of the resort’s pools. 

When Mr. Neupane returned, he went to one of the resort’s pools with his son to cool off when he noticed people being pulled out of a different pool. 

Caution Tape at a Resort Pool

A Terrible Accident  

Nobody actually saw the mother and son drowning, as it can be difficult to notice, and there were no lifeguards on duty, but eventually, other guests realized that they were lying in the water, not moving. 

At that time, numerous guests began diving in to pull them out of the water, and a retired firefighter began giving Mrs. Neupane CPR, but she was not breathing. 

The drowning was ruled an accident, and Bal Krishna Neupane seems to  accept this, commenting that “It seems like an accident — maybe they didn’t realize how deep it was.” 

Villa del Palma Resort Los Cabos

Attempts To Save The Mother And Son 

After the initial attempt at CPR performed by the retired firefighter, other guests joined in trying to save the mother and son. 

At the same time, some hotel staff members fetched AED defibrillator machines, but according to witnesses, the equipment was not in working order, to the shock of many. 

An ambulance was called at approximately 6:25 pm, but according to retired firefighter James Werner they “were performing CPR for over half an hour before the ambulance got there.” 

View of the Famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Staff Reaction 

One witness from Alberta, Canada commented on the supportiveness of the staff during the incident. 

Brent Hamilton stated that he believed “that all the staff that were present were doing everything they could,” and that “they were very concerned.” 

He also commented that even had the AED machine worked properly it might not have helped because the hearts of mother and son had already stopped.   

Beautiful View of Cabo San Lucas Arch and Land's End and the Sea

It is unclear as to how Villa del Palmar management responded to the situation, aside from allowing Mr. Neupane and family members to stay at the resort at no cost until they were able to make arrangements.  

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