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Los Cabos Tourists Advised To Be Prepared For Occasional Cool Weather This Winter

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Travelers enjoying their fall and winter vacation getaway in the Sierra de la Laguna mountains near Los Cabos awoke to a strange sight one early morning earlier this week. They found a blanket of frost on the plants as a cold front pushed through Baja California Sur.

Low Temperatures Near Los Cabos

In the mountains between Los Cabos and La Paz, temperatures dropped as low as 10 degrees Celsius (about 48 degrees Fahrenheit) during the early mornings this week.

sierra de la laguna baja california sur mexico aerial view landscape

Combined with the humidity in the area, crystals of ice were deposited on plants in the area creating an unusual fall sight for travelers expecting warm tropical Mexican weather.

According to the publication Explora Tu Baja, the plants woke up covered in frost, leaving a beautiful landscape.

But travelers need not despair as temperatures around the region peaked at near 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) later in the day near Santiago.

Sierra de la Laguna mountains near Los Cabos

Not Entirely Unusual

While most people don’t associate Baja California Sur with cool weather during the peak fall and winter holiday travel season, it is not entirely unusual.

At 2,090 meters (or 6.857 feet) in elevation, the Sierra de la Laguna High Point is high enough to experience some cool weather during the fall and winter seasons.

A river in the Sierra de la Laguna mountains in Los Cabos

Data from the National Meteorological Service in Mexico showed that occasional cold weather fronts can make their way as far south as Los Cabos, turning a resort beach destination into a chillier location where warmer weather gear might be more comfortable.

In fact, according to a forecast from the National Meteorological Service in Mexico, temperatures from 0 to -5 Celsius (32 to 23 degrees Fahrenheit) were projected for the Sierras of Baja California in the next 72 hours due to a winter storm cold blast.

Travelers Should Be Prepared

A water oasis in the Sierra de la Laguna mountains near Los Cabos

While temperatures in Los Cabos should be a fall-like 75 degrees this weekend, the cold blast will push overnight temperatures to a cool 60 degrees. Travelers not expecting this type of cool weather for the peak fall and winter holiday travel season should be prepared in advance for the cold front.

Tourists between Los Cabos and La Paz, or visiting some of the small mountain towns between the two cities, should be prepared for cooler than usual weather and potential frost on area plants and roadways, especially bridges.

The National Meteorological Service is however expecting warm weather near 80 degrees for the start of the peak fall and winter holiday travel season.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Sunny hot day at the sandy Playa Pública public beach at the resort town of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

What Tourists Need To Know

Travelers visiting Los Cabos and La Paz on a vacation getaway during the fall and winter holidays should be prepared for occasional cooler weather in the region as it is not unusual for a polar blast to push down from Canada into the United States while also affecting the weather in Baja California.

While not as dramatic as the sleet and snow which is predicted for the northern parts of Mexico this weekend, the temperatures do get cool in Los Cabos, especially in the high mountain ranges surrounding the beach resort destination.

Mountains and Desert in Los Cabos, Mexico

Visiting some of the small mountain towns, or planning to take a hike, in the scenic Sierra de la Laguna backcountry will take some advanced cool weather planning and appropriate gear for the weather.

A fall or winter hike in the scenic Sierra de la Laguna mountains is a beautiful complement to a day on the beach in Los Cabos.

However, adventure travelers need to know that at times in the fall and winter, the area will feel more like a traditional cool weather hike in the United States at times, as opposed to the balmy and warm tropical weather they may be expecting when visiting Los Cabos for their holiday vacation getaway.

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