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This Popular Los Cabos Excursion Has Doubled In Price Due To Popularity

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At more than 6,500 feet in elevation, Sierra de la Laguna is an awe-inspiring mountain located near Los Cabos.

Travelers from all over the world take to the mountain during an adventure vacation getaway to the area to test their skills and enjoy the amazing views of Baja California Sur from the top of the range.

Mexico coastline with beautiful view over ocean in San Jose del Cabo

With the peak season for excursions up the mountain about to start, travelers looking to conquer the Sierra de la Laguna need to be prepared for higher prices before even starting the ascent.

Exploring the Sierra de la Laguna

While climbing to the top of a 6,500-foot mountain may not sound like a big deal to some travelers from around the world, preparation is indeed needed, and physical condition is important.

Mostly, this is due to the hot and humid weather that greets trekkers heading up to the top of the mountain.

sierra de la laguna baja california sur mexico aerial view landscape

Most outdoor enthusiasts wait until the peak season from October to December to make the climb when the weather is more moderate for those taking the trip.

During the peak season, travelers don’t have to worry about oppressive heat or the risk of hypothermia in making the excursion.

male hiker

Popularity Increasing Cost

Travelers visiting Los Cabos to head up the mountain have increased significantly over the past few years as more and more tourists seek nature, sustainability, and wellness adventures to incorporate into their beach resort vacations.

According to an experienced guide on Sierra de la Laguna, visitors seeking to climb the mountain typically budget around $10,000 pesos, or nearly $550 dollars, for a group of three people.

Before the pandemic, tourists could, at the minimum, budget $200 pesos per person per day, or about $11 dollars, for the climb.

view of stream in cabo

Recently, the absolute minimum was more than $400 pesos per day, or $22 dollars per person per day.

That includes a $58 peso contribution to the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (CONANP) for a four-day adventure.

Add in a mule and mule handler to help carry backpacks and other camping gear for the climb, and that adds another $2,400 pesos, or more than $130, to the total.

Those prices don’t include the price of a guide, food, and other gear needed to camp on the mountain while making the multi-day climb.

hiker standing on mountain with fist in the air

While the costs are not excessively high for travelers to Los Cabos, they do take visitors off guard because they are not expecting all of the different elements needed to make the ascent and how they have doubled in price.

Guides Try to Make the Climb Affordable

Sierra de la Laguna guides have been working with local provision providers and ranchers to try to lower other fees to keep the popular excursion reasonably priced for all travelers.

They argue that the volume of climbers will help offset the concessions made for reducing the cost of the mountain adventure.

view of greenery in cabo

So far, all of the parties have yet to agree on how to work together to make it all happen.

What Adventure Travelers Need to Know

With the demand increasing to scale the mountain due to the popularity of nature, sustainability, and wellness travel, the prices are most likely going to continue to climb.

What was an affordable ecotourism adventure for travelers still is. However, the question is, for how long?

tent in a natural area with campfire in the front and a guitar in the background

Visitors to Los Cabos looking to incorporate a climb of Sierra de la Laguna should start planning now for peak season excursions and lock in their prices as soon as possible.

Several guides are coordinating with all of the different services needed to make the climb up the mountain convenient for travelers with one simple package price.

Los Cabos hotels and resorts can help set up a trip for guests and arrange for the necessary transportation from the mountain site as well.

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