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Los Cabos Tourism Soars As Airport Sees Record-Breaking Visitor Numbers

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In January of this year alone, Mexico welcomed more than 3.5 million international tourists at its 45 international airports.   

Most of those visitors fly into just a handful of the country’s airports, which welcome millions of international travelers annually.   

According to a new report, Los Cabos Airport is among the busiest in Mexico, landing in the number 4 spot on the list of those that receive the most international arrivals.   

Los Cabos International Airport

The Growing Number Of Arrivals At Los Cabos Airport 

Last year there were nearly 5 million international arrivals and departures from Los Cabos International Airport.   

In February 2023 alone, there were more than 417,000 international visitors.   

This year, for the same month, there was a 5.7 percent increase in arrivals compared to last year, a significant increase in tourism numbers for sure.   

Plane Flying Above a Mexican Flag

Top 4 Busiest Airports In Mexico 

Los Cabos Airport is not the only airport in Mexico that is getting a lot of visitors, or more than what they got last year.   

As I mentioned, Los Cabos is the 4th busiest when it comes to international arrivals.   

The three that received more arrivals of foreign visitors in February than Los Cabos, compared to February of last year, are: 

  1. Cancun  
  1. Mexico City  
  1. Puerto Vallarta  

These airports had increases of 10.7%, 2.4%, and 14%, respectively, compared to 2023. 

Los Cabos International Airport

Where International Tourists Are Coming From 

Travelers from all over the world visit Los Cabos.   

However, the destination receives the bulk of its visitors from the U.S. and Canada.   

In January of this year, more than 168,000 arrivals were from the U.S. and over 26,000 were from Canada, out of a total of 200,991 international arrivals.   

Delta Plane Landing at LAX

The Huge Connectivity Of Los Cabos Airport Around The World 

Los Cabos is connected by nonstop flights to more than 50 airports around the world.   

Approximately 2,000 flights arrive at the destination each month, with slight increases in that number during peak seasons.   

There are a total of 16 airlines that operate routes to Los Cabos, with Southwest Airlines offering the most.   

Southwest Plane On Airport Tarmac

Los Cabos’ Connectivity With The U.S  

There are more direct flights to Los Cabos from the U.S. than any other country.   

These flights depart from 29 different airports.   

The most popular route is between Los Angeles and Los Cabos, with around 180 monthly arrivals coming from LAX, which adds up to about 10 percent of all monthly arrivals.   

American Airlines Flight Leaving LAX

Tips For Arriving At Mexico’s 4th Busiest Airport For International Arrivals 

If you’ve ever been to one of the busiest airport hubs in the U.S., you know how hectic it can be upon arrival, and the same goes for Los Cabos.   

Lines can be pretty long at times, and wait times too.   

This is why it’s important to have all documentation readily available and nothing packed in your bags that might get flagged and make the wait even longer.   

You can also make your arrival more pleasant by booking transportation in advance.   

This way, your driver will be waiting for you, and you will not get caught up in the “Shark Tank” by being offered a ride by the timeshare salespeople, who will then take you to a sales presentation.   

Plane at Los Cabos Airport

Why International Travelers Love Los Cabos 

When it comes to Los Cabos as a vacation destination, what’s not to love?   

It may be generally viewed as a beach vacation destination, but it has a lot more to offer than sandy shores and crystal-clear water, even though those perks are great.   

Luxury all-inclusives, great restaurants, high-end shopping, exciting water activities, hiking, horseback, and camel riding, and so much more are why international travelers really love Los Cabos, though, and why they keep going back for more. 

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