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Los Cabos Shines As A Safe Destination As Crime Drops Further

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While high-profile crimes across Mexico have been hitting the news broadcasts across the United States lately, there is good news on the issue in Los Cabos.

View of Los Cabos Resort looking out at the ocean with palm trees

Crime Declines Slightly

According to official reports from the Los Cabos public safety department, crime actually fell in the month of March relative to the same month in the last two years.

The number of crimes fell in March of 2019 and 2020 from previous years in Los Cabos due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, a drop in the number of visitors during those two years helped spearhead the overall crime decline.

In 2019, the number of crimes in March was 275. The number of occurrences then fell below 200 to 199. This current year, despite the dramatic increase in the amount of tourist traffic to Los Cabos, the number fell to 168.

Numbers of crimes related to home robberies, violence against businesses, and theft in Los Cabos also have declined as opposed to year-ago numbers.

What’s Behind The Decline

According to local public safety officials, the decline in part was due to the increased enforcement from municipal police in coordination with state and federal public safety departments.

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Tourists arriving at a dock after getting off a boat

They cite the number of special operations that were conducted during the Spring Break peak travel season, which attracted more than 45,000 visitors to the Los Cabos area.

There have been a number of recent efforts launched to protect tourists in the resort destination.

Among these are the increased use of police dogs when on patrol, observation stations at popular tourist destinations around Los Cabos, more focus on education for offenses instead of fines, and even the increased use of cameras for monitoring high tourist traffic locations.

Police officers detaining People at private party

Not a Perfect Season

Despite the efforts to control crime in the area, it has not been a perfect season. Tourists in Los Cabos still need to be aware of situations happening in the resort destination.

One is the increase in petty crime around the staging of traffic accidents in high tourist areas and the center city area of Los Cabos. Scammers are parking close to tourist vehicles, and then when a driver comes out to leave, they claim that their vehicle was struck and demand payment.

The payments, averaging $20 or so, are quickly paid by victims to avoid calling the Los Cabos police and creating a hassle for the visitor.

State police outdoors with lights on vehicles.

Another issue that happened recently was the widely distributed video of a fight that involved a beating among Spring Break college students outside of the Cabo Shots nightclub near El Médano beach in Los Cabos.

In that incident, which was broadcast live and distributed around the world using social media, bystanders were wondering where the Los Cabos police were deployed to protect tourists.

Changing The Image of Los Cabos

Passenger wearing mask at airport

Even though there were two relatively minor incidents, the news of a decline in the crime rate in Los Cabos is still good news. Especially during the spring peak summer season with record numbers of visitors.

The continuous focus on keeping tourists safe in Los Cabos will be important as the Mexican resort destination works to reposition the perception of the community towards more of a wellness, eco-travel, and luxury destination.

Travelers in those key segments will be more concerned with safety and security when visiting Los Cabos than those in the college student segment.

Tourists on a boat in Los Cabos

Los Cabos has one opportunity to make a first impression with that important traveler segment, and first impressions are critical for the success of the tourism initiative.

Both the Los Cabos Tourism Trust and Los Cabos Mayor Oscar Leggs Castro have committed to doing whatever is necessary to protect visitors and the important tourist trade in Los Cabos.

The entire region depends on its success.

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