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Los Cabos Security Being Reinforced With K9 Units To Keep Tourists Safe

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In an effort to step up the security of visitors during the peak spring season, the local Los Cabos police are employing a number of four-pawed police officers to help patrol the streets and keep tourists safe.

Police Officer Walking Past Tourists on a Cabo San Lucas Beach

Increasing the Security

The General Directorate of Public Security, Preventative Police and Municipal Traffic of Los Cabos Head Jesús Antonio Gómez Rodríguez announced that as an action to fight crime and guarantee security in Los Cabos, select officers will be traveling with K9 police dogs in the community.

This is being done in partnership with all three levels of government – federal, state, and municipal – to ensure the safety of Los Cabos locals and tourists during the peak spring season and reduce the number of incidents in the community.

police in los cabos

The plans are to use the K9 patrols extensively throughout the tourist area of Los Cabos as well as local neighborhoods.

In addition to crime fighting and apprehension tasks, the K9 units will also be used for general monitoring and security needs around Los Cabos.

According to Gómez Rodríguez, they will especially be tasked with inhibiting criminal behavior and the detection of controlled substances in specific areas of the municipality.

Tourists in Los Cabos are reminded that the K9 patrols that are deployed are working police dogs and are trained to apprehend criminals. Therefore, Los Cabos visitors are asked not to pet or make loud noises around the working dogs to avoid any potential incidents.

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police cars in los cabos

Recent Issues in Los Cabos

The announcement comes on the heels of a recent issue at the Cabo Shots nightclub in Cabo San Lucas, where four college students from the United States were video recorded in a fight.

During the fight, which has been distributed around the globe via social media, none of the bystanders intervened to help with the fight, which took place about five meters away from a Cabo San Lucas police monitoring station.

police walking in los cabos

Some of the users of social media that distributed the video were questioning where the security personnel that was promised were to help keep tourists safe in Los Cabos. An official statement about the event has not yet been released pending a police investigation.

Prior Intervention Plans

The prior security plan for Los Cabos during the peak spring travel season included the installation of more video cameras around the popular tourist center of El Médano beach, along with the deployment of quick-response police monitoring stations around the area.

Medano Beach

There was also an effort to integrate the many security cameras around the tourist areas in Los Cabos into one centralized video monitoring network to ensure constant supervision and speed police response in the event of an incident.

None of these efforts were able to avoid the issue of the fight outside of the Cabo Shots nightclub in Cabo San Lucas. However, this is so far the only significant reported criminal event to occur in Los Cabos during this peak spring travel season.

Mission to Keep Los Cabos Safe

While there are only a couple more weeks left in the prime spring travel season, Los Cabos officials are committed to doing what is needed to keep locals and tourists safe in Los Cabos for the remainder of the time.

Tourists Dining at an Outdoor Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo

The massive influx of tourists to Los Cabos this season caught local officials and the police off guard, and they are trying to play catch-up with the increased amount of trash, traffic, and petty crime due to the number of out-of-town visitors.

Gómez Rodríguez reinforced that he and his officers, including the four-legged ones, are committed to keeping Los Cabos the safest location for the peak spring season.

He stressed he will do whatever is necessary to ensure the protection of every Los Cabos visitor and local in the destination resort community.

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