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Los Cabos Remains Safe For Tourists Despite Recent Increase In Crime

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Los Cabos is the mecca for the ultimate vacation for all types of travelers. But no matter what type of traveler, safety is obviously of the utmost importance.

Whether on a family vacay or not, travelers should know and feel they’re safe.

Especially when you have to bring your passport along. Going to another country, even in close proximity, can raise alarms in terms of safety.

los cabos scenery

Mainstream news tends to paint Mexico in a negative light even though almost all travelers make it back home safe and sound.

A new report claims Los Cabos has seen an uptick in drug-related crime in 2023. If caffeine is the drug of choice, then guilty as charged!

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. We’re talking much more serious, very, very illegal stuff here. But the good news is tourists should not be deterred.

tourists walking in cabo

Although, Los Cabos has seen more crime this year, here is why tourists remain safe:

A New “Traffic” Problem

When you hear the word “traffic”, most likely you picture the most dreadful part of your day staring at endless tail lights.

Traffic jams are the number one concern for Cabo tourists, believe it or not. But driving 5 mph on a highway is not the latest “traffic” issue in Los Cabos.

One would think jellyfish stings, shark attacks or even hurricanes would top the list of Los Cabos tourists’ concerns, but no.

tourists walking on resort sidewalk

A new report claims drug trafficking cases have increased significantly, as much as 98.2 percent since 2022.

In fact, Los Cabos sees the largest drug-related crimes in the state of Baja California Sur. Like any major destination, Los Cabos has its flaws.

Its beauty can be a distraction from the dark underbelly often unseen. ‘Unseen’ meaning, tourists are not typically affected.

Stick To The Legal Stuff

Ahh, the joys of coffee. Perfectly legal, delicious, and the ultimate “pick-me-up”. You can brew it yourself in one of Los Cabos resorts’ cushy rooms, head to a local cafe or, of course, Starbucks.

statue in los cabos

Cabo does cater to U.S. tourists the most, after all. This also means Los Cabos has tremendous options for nightlife, with lively bars and restaurants to choose from.

That being said, it’s important to stick to the legal pleasures of life, such as cervezas, margaritas and wine.

Anything beyond is illegal in Mexico. Although the U.S. has seen a newfound openness to marijuana in many states, that just simply doesn’t fly this side of the border.

You can find yourself in big trouble. Like Locked Up Abroad level of trouble, and that’s not how you want to end up on TV.

mexico flag in los cabos

There are plenty of ways to indulge in Los Cabos, but sticking to what’s on the menu and not what’s in a stranger’s pockets is the best way to go.

Targeting Tourists

While authorities in Baja brainstorm new strategies to reduce the number of incoming drugs, the results won’t happen overnight.

The truth about traveling is if you stay out long enough anywhere internationally, chances are eyes are on you at some point. You simply can’t blend in forever.

el arco in los cabos

In Los Cabos, for example, once you’re perusing local shops and pose with a sombrero on, you have claimed yourself as a tourist.

Unfortunately, some may think you’re here for the wrong reasons or hope you have a different definition of “party”.

If you are targeted and offered something illegal, it’s best to say “no” and move on with your day. Even in notoriously safe destinations as Los Cabos, bad apples can show up anywhere.

Tourists should be extra mindful at bars and the surrounding areas, as you may be seen as more of a target after a few adult beverages.

Los Cabos resort

Resorts are typically some of the safest places tourists can find themselves as they are blocked off to the general public and well-protected by trained security forces.

Regardless of where you go, tourists are generally only affected if they go places they shouldn’t. Stick to the recommended hotspots, and you are all but guaranteed to have a worry-free trip in paradise just how you envisioned.

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