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Los Cabos Remains Safe Destination Despite Texas’ Warning Not To Travel To Mexico

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Authorities in the state of Texas have warned Americans not to travel to Mexico for spring break. This advice is, of course, understandable. Texas shares a border with some of the most dangerous states in Mexico. But when it comes to the security situation in Mexico, the reality varies wildly from state to state.

Los Cabos Remains Safe Destination Despite Texas' Warning Not To Travel To Mexico

For travelers excited about their vacation plan to Los Cabos, it’s helpful to have a clear understanding of the reality of security in the destination, which sits on the very tip of the state of Baja California Sur.

Mexico’s Florida

The state of Baja California Sur is Mexico’s Florida. That isn’t to say it is home to its own Disneyland, instead, it refers to Baja California Sur being a peninsula insulated from the worst of Mexico’s conflicts by the Gulf of California.

Geography plays a huge role in safety here, and the routes into the state, which is home to Los Cabos, are much easier to police for the authorities wishing to keep organized crime out of this Pacific paradise.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico harbor from the air

With heavily policed roadways into the state and the seaports and airports also being powerfully secured, the state is much less attractive an area of operations for criminals.

In fact, when comparing Cabo San Lucas to Miami, Florida. The area is much more secure for travelers, with a lower crime rate and a much higher safety index rating.

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Cabo sign in bright red, Mexico

Proactive Authorities

The authorities of Los Cabos and the state are considered some of the most proactive and duty-bound in all of Mexico. We regularly report here at the Cabo Sun the seemingly never-ending efforts by authorities to make Los Cabos safer for both tourists and locals.

In the last few months alone, huge investments have been made in expanding the coverage of security cameras in Los Cabos. As well as the announcement of strategically placed panic buttons linked directly to the police command center.

Security cameras being installed

On top of these technological investments in safety, Los Cabos also has a large police presence, with municipal police, state police, and national guard elements all working in collaboration to ensure tourist safety.

To add to Los Cabos’ reputation for security, it entered 2023 as the safest destination in all of Mexico, beating out competition from fellow super-destinations Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.

Municipal police in Mexico

Regulations & Inspections

It’s no secret that Mexican taxis have a less-than-stellar image, especially after the recent unpleasantness in Cancun, which saw taxi drivers assaulting Uber vehicles with travelers on board. Thankfully, the taxis in Los Cabos have earned a much more positive reputation over the years.

In fact, in Los Cabos, taxi drivers are required to sit industry-specific courses to ensure they provide a consistent and professional service to tourists and members of the public.

Taxis Near Bus Station

As well as taking the regulation of taxis seriously, Los Cabos has implemented a uniform system for their beach vendors. In the past, honest beach vendors were having their reputations tarnished by criminals posing as vendors and attempting to scam tourists and sell narcotics.

In response, the authorities began cracking down heavily, with random spot inspections of vendors to ensure they are licensed and operating legally, as well as introducing the white shirt & pants uniform now in force, which allows legitimate vendors to be easily identified by potential customers.

Beach vendors on Los Cabos beach

Should Travelers Alter Their Plans?

This is a question that only travelers themselves can answer, but the reality is the security situation in Los Cabos has improved consistently over the past few years, and these improvements show no sign of slowing.

As other areas of Mexico are facing questions over security and the effectiveness of law enforcement, Los Cabos continues to buck the trend by offering Americans a clean, friendly, and beautiful vacation destination that takes their safety seriously.

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