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Los Cabos Remains One Of The Safest Destinations In Mexico For Tourists

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Tourists worried about the safety and security of visiting Los Cabos during an upcoming vacation getaway should feel more comfortable about their trip.

The recent Baja California Sur stoplight crime report for December is out, and it actually shows some improvement compared with the November report.

Five Caution Lights

Los Cabos had six crime numbers in November at a yellow light or more. Just like a stoplight, yellow means caution, and of course, red is stop, or in this case, a significant concern.

Photo of people lying and sitting on Palmilla Beach in Los Cabos

However, in the latest report issued for the busy winter holiday travel season, Los Cabos actually improved to five crime numbers at a yellow light or more.

Those five crimes were drug dealing, vehicle theft, business robbery, injuries and family violence.

While that’s good news, there is a little bit of an issue in the newly issued December report. There was one light that actually switched from yellow to red month-over-month.

There was an increase in vehicle theft in December in Los Cabos. However, this is a crime that does not typically affect travelers to Los Cabos.

soldiers on beach

Crime in La Paz

Meanwhile, in La Paz, the report indicates that crimes did pick up a bit in December in the capital city of Baja California Sur.

Homicides actually went from green in November to red in December after a rash of crimes impacted the community. Meanwhile, business robbery switched from yellow to red.

Police Patrolling Cabo Beach

Tourists Remain Safe

Overall, tourists remain safe in Los Cabos as most of the crimes that were caution level or above really do not affect tourists and were not known as being in the tourist zone.

The one crime that has been present involving some tourists is drug dealing. That crime actually dropped statewide in the month of December from 52 cases to only 38 cases in the last month of the year. That’s a decline of nearly 27 percent.

This reflects an increased focus on reducing overall crimes in Los Cabos, including those that potentially can put the safety and security of travelers in the beach resort destination at risk. Law enforcement remains committed to protecting and serving visitors.

building in los cabos

State Department Advisory Unchanged

Despite the newly issued report, the travel advisory for the State of Baja California Sur remains the same.

The entire state is rated a level two travel advisory. Travelers should exercise increased caution when visiting the area due to the levels of crime.

Criminal activity may occur throughout the entire state, and there are no restrictions on travel for United States government employees in the area.

Los Cabos Police Checking the Bag of a Beach Vendor

Tips for Los Cabos Travelers

Travelers to Los Cabos should indeed exercise increased caution when visiting the area. They should always remain aware of their surroundings and avoid putting themselves in places where they may face potential crime risks.

Most of the reported crimes involving tourists in Los Cabos typically are considered crimes of opportunity. It usually revolves around a visitor leaving an expensive item unattended at a restaurant, beach, bar, or pool area.

The criminal comes and takes the item while the traveler is gone, and they then return to find it missing. It is then reported to Los Cabos municipal law enforcement for investigation.

vehicle in sand with police officers

This crime can be prevented by ensuring expensive items are left in resort or hotel safes or carried with the tourist.

It also often can be covered by securing adequate travel insurance against theft before visiting Los Cabos. It is generally affordable if purchased well in advance.

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