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Los Cabos’ Plaza Mijares Being Upgraded For Tourists’ Comfort, Here’s Why It’s Worth A Visit

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If there is one thing tourists to Cabo can feel confident about during their vacation, it is the frequent sunny and warm weather. However, as you journey closer to the Equator, the more direct and intense the rays of the sun become.

In fact, the highs in Cabo average around 90 degrees from June through October, with record highs over 110 in the summer.  For some international visitors from cooler climates, the harsh sun is simply too much, and they seek refuge in the shade.

Plaza Mijares view of benches and building

With all of the construction in Cabo, the natural environment, especially shade trees, has been impacted. All around Cabo, shade trees are removed in the name of progress and better amenities for the important visitor traffic.

However, the trend is starting to reverse as the tourists share that they seek the shady cover of the trees, and the government works to please the guests and reverse the environmental deforestation trend.

construction site with backhoe

Plaza Mijares – The Historic Center

Plaza Mijares, simply known as La Plaza by the locals, is one of the best-known tourist plazas in San José del Cabo. It has been a focus of economic development and tourist improvements in the region for a number of years now.

Many consider the plaza the heart of the original historic center area. It features a gazebo for music and a popular community stage for many local events.

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Plaza With People Walking Around in San Jose del Cabo

Surrounded by such sights as the Town Hall, Casa de la Cultura, and the Church of San Jose, it even hosts the community Christmas tree for the holidays.

The original shade trees were removed to beautify and enhance the tourism value of the plaza. Not to mention that the ten original trees were also infested with pests inside their trunks and were not watered on a regular basis by the local community and businesses.

view of building in los cabos

Tourists complained that they missed the shade from the trees, and developers decided to plant new ones. Unfortunately, the new shade trees did not take hold to provide sufficient cover from the sun due to issues related to the heat of the soil they were planted in.

The Community Comes Together

Back in August of 2022, at the height of the COVID-19 global pandemic, plans were made between local businesswoman Pedrin Torres and the Los Cabos City Council to give the Plaza Mijares beautification process another try with some new shady trees.

people walking through a market

The reforestation project started anew in September of 2022; however, the progress was slowed due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions.

So far, nearly two dozen shade trees have been planted, much to the welcome and delight of weary and overheated travelers. The pandemic travel recovery has started, with more than eight million passengers expected at the airport this year, and it is just in time for the trees to provide shade for the guests. Additionally, the Ecology and Public Services Department plans to rehouse some additional palm trees from the nearby Josefino Estuary to enhance the route to the municipal place for visitors.

cars driving along road

Part of the thanks for these trees taking hold better than the former variety is due to the adoption of the trees by the Association of the Historic Center of San Jose del Cabo, who have pledged to water the trees on an ongoing basis. They will partner to water the plants and maintain the quality of the soil so that tourists in the community can count on Plaza Mijares to be a shady relief from the blazing hot sun.

The Plan For The Future

In addition to the palm trees, they plan to enhance the plaza by adding some Ceiba trees and Rain of Gold. Ceiba trees are not only common in the area, but they were also considered a sacred tree of life by the Mayas. Meanwhile, Rain of Golds are large evergreen plants with beautiful yellow flowers that are native to the area and will enhance the beauty of Plaza Mijares for travelers.

Ceiba Tree provided shade

Because of the work of the community to work together and focus on the enhancement of Plaza Mijares, close to one million pesos will be saved for the citizens of Cabo San Lucas. It demonstrates the power of neighbors coming together to not only serve the visitors to the resort destination but beautify the city all at the same time.

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