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Los Cabos Begins Cleaning To Welcome Tourists Again After Hurricane Norma

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In addition to high tourism rates and high prices, this fall in Los Cabos has also been known for the numerous hurricanes and tropical storms that have taken place over the last few months. 

Autumn in Los Cabos is notorious for being the peak season for unpredictable weather, typically with torrential rains, and this year has been no exception. 

Most recently, hurricane Hillary hit Los Cabos this past summer, and tropical storm Lidia hit the vacation hotspot earlier this month. 

Hurricane destruction in Cabo San Lucas

With high winds and rough seas, local officials have had to post red and black flags at various beaches, closing them for short periods of time while the beaches were dirty and unsafe. 

Just after local officials had closed restaurants, beaches, bars, and more due to tropical storm Lidia, they had to close these institutions again due to Hurricane Norma. 

While they just finished cleaning the streets and beaches of garbage and tree debris from the storm a few weeks ago, locals and authorities have to get back to cleaning again. 

stormy beach with driftwood

Hopefully, hurricane season will soon come to a close with the end of Hurricane Norma, which blew through Los Cabos at high speeds just a few days ago. 

While some areas are still feeling the immediate consequences of Norma, in other parts of the Baja California Sur, the hurricane has passed completely, and the communities are entrenched in cleaning up the aftermath

Cleaning Up After Hurricane Norma 

Despite the fact that Hurricane Norma has caused mass power outages and flooding, residents are still concerned with cleaning up the streets while waiting for power to return. 

Locals and officials have been cleaning the streets of garbage and other debris from the hurricane while waiting to hear word from authorities about the power outages. 

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Although most of the effects of the hurricane have passed in Los Cabos, members of the State Council of Civil Protection warned locals to be on the lookout for lasting effects of the hurricane, namely rain and high winds. 

Residents and local authorities (including the Cabo San Lucas firefighters) have worked to remove garbage and fallen trees, repair downed wires, get rid of dirt, and more. 

Worker Cleaning Beach

By cleaning the streets, locals and tourists will be able to travel around Los Cabos easily while awaiting the return of power and flights from certain airports that were closed last week. 

Beaches That Are Closed 

Due to the hurricane, Los Cabos authorities have closed numerous beaches to both tourists and locals by posting red and black flags. 

Some beaches are closed indefinitely until the hurricane has passed, and they are cleaned of garbage and other dangerous debris. 

Beaches that were closed late last week with black flags posted include the Palmilla, Las Viudas, and El Chileno. 

red flag on high tide beach

The beaches with red flags posted late last week include El Corsario, Santa María, Hacienda, Acapulquito, El Médano, and other beaches in the central tourist area. 

With the closures of beaches, even the beaches with red flags posted did not allow tourists or locals to enter the water, so all ocean-based activities were shut down, including tourist boat tours and more. 

Additional Closures in Los Cabos 

In addition to the beaches, local authorities have also warned the public not to purchase or eat food from any street vendors due to sanitation issues from the flooding due to Hurricane Norma. 

Last week, local authorities also closed restaurants, shops, and bars in the Baja California Sur area.

Street Food Vendor Los Cabos, Mexico

The Los Cabos Airport and the La Paz Airport were also closed, as well as the local marinas.  

With numerous flights canceled, hundreds of thousands of tourists were stuck in Los Cabos. 

Some of the only places that did not close in Los Cabos were the resorts and hotels, many of which did not lose power. 

In the coming week, authorities expect Los Cabos restaurants and beaches to open up once more. 

rock arch los cabos

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