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Los Cabos Officials Prepping Beaches For Busy Season

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With the busy season just a couple of weeks away, Los Cabos officials, employees, and plenty of local volunteers are working hard to make sure the prime tourist beaches are in pristine condition to welcome fall and winter peak season visitors.

Cleaning The Beaches

Normally, cleaning the beaches to prepare for the peak tourist season in the fall and winter holidays is not too big of a deal.

However, this year has brought its own challenges.

Clean beach in Los Cabos

Several hurricanes and tropical storms transiting to the west and south of Los Cabos have had a negative impact on the conditions at several of the popular tourist beaches.

The numerous red flag warnings due to dangerous wave activity have also kicked up a lot of waste on the beaches, along with taking some of the beautiful sand that Los Cabos is known for out to sea.

The greatest direct impact was felt as Hurricane Hilary brushed by a couple of weeks ago.

In response to the need for clean beaches for visitors, Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone Coordinator Manuel Cortez Ávila has been working tirelessly with his team to ensure dangerous items are removed from the beach sand and the ocean access is safe for swimmers and snorkelers.

Clean beach sign in Mexico

They have been out on a regular basis putting the final touches on getting the beaches ready for traveler enjoyment while ensuring their health and safety at the same time.

Blue Flag Beach Quality

Along with the pleasure, safety, and security of travelers, Cortez Ávila has another reason behind his mission to keep the beaches of Los Cabos clean.

Los Cabos has a large number of Blue Flag certified beaches, and the internationally recognized standard requires clean beaches as part of its strict environmental standards for the recognition.

Blue flag posted at a certified beach

In fact, Los Cabos has 25 beaches that meet this gold standard for beaches worldwide.

Some of the very complex standards for Blue Flag certified beaches include accessibility for the disabled, cleanliness of the water, lifeguard certification, safety and security, and contingency plans in the event of an emergency.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the beaches directly contributes to the safety and security standards along with the environmental sustainability of the beaches and oceans.

Sustainability of the Beaches

Tractor cleaning up the beach

The sustainability of the beaches is also an important reason why the beaches are continuously cleaned.

The cleaning limits the amount of hazardous materials and other pollution that don’t make their way into the ocean, where it can harm the environment and sicken people and harm sea life.

The Los Cabos Tourism Trust has identified three key tourism themes that they believe will drive the future of tourism to Los Cabos.

Along with wellness and nature, environmental sustainability is a key important indicator for travelers to the beach resort destination.

Medano Beach Clean

Focusing on the sustainability of the oceans, along with the creatures that call them home, is a key differentiator for driving the future of tourism to Los Cabos.

Cleanliness For Customers

For travelers coming to Los Cabos for a fantastic fall or winter holiday vacation getaway, the beaches will be clean and ready for tourists.

Cortez Ávila and his team have committed to work throughout the season to ensure that the beaches and popular dunes are ready for tourists looking for some fun and activities connected to the sand and surf of Los Cabos.

Zofemat staff cleaning a beach

He is also preparing his team to be able to address the immediate needs of travelers while also sharing details about why the team is so dedicated to the sustainability and cleanliness of the beaches as part of their mission.

With a focus on sustainability and luxury travelers in Los Cabos, it is even more important to ensure the proper standard of beach beauty, health, and safety to meet the needs of this important international travel segment.

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