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5 Reasons Why Travelers Love This Tranquil Retreat Near Los Cabos

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Sometimes travelers can get caught up in following the crowd. “Oh, you stayed here and loved it?! Maybe that’s where I’ll stay too then.”.

But sometimes, going a little off the beaten path can be a journey you won’t regret. While hoards of Cabo tourists choose to stay at one of the region’s many luxurious beach resorts, there are other amazing options.

Those seeking something a little different will love this beautiful, tranquil retreat not far outside Los Cabos. In fact, it holds a perfect 5-star rating from fellow travelers who absolutely fell in love with it.

doing yoga in mountians

Rancho Cacachilas takes a different approach for Cabo getaways, and you won’t regret paying a visit. Those with La Paz at the head of their itinerary will fall in love with it, too.

Here are 5 reasons why travelers love this tranquil retreat near Los Cabos:

An Alternative All-Inclusive

Typically, when travelers think of all-inclusive stays, they picture themselves parked in a beach chair only to get up for free food and drinks.

Well, there’s a new sheriff in town. Rancho Cacachilas labels itself as an “all-inclusive adventure camp”.

sierra cacachilas

So, what is included for an all-inclusive adventure camp? Lots! But it might be best to start off listing what is not included to get the disappointment out of the way.

This is not a resort with a fancy schmancy swim-up bar, so those thinking they are going to drown themselves in frozen cocktails all day may want to stick to the beachfront resorts.

Although, there is a separate pool and bar on site. Alcoholic drinks are not included, and neither is transportation. Although, they are happy to assist in arranging that for you.

What is included:

hiker in mountains
  • A ‘ranch to table’ menu catered to your personalized itinerary
  • A single adventurous activity
  • A certified English-speaking tour guide
  • Soft drinks
  • Access to common areas and facilities of the retreat

Stunning Unspoiled Nature

Guests will have access to private trails for those who love to spend their time in the great outdoors. How you choose to enjoy nature is up to you, but there are some amazing options here.

Sierra Cacachilas hiking trail

Simply hiking here to disconnect and take in the beautiful scenery is one way to do it. Others may seek more adventure. It is an ‘adventure camp’ after all.

Mountain biking is super popular for those who stay here. Set in the Sierra Cacachilas mountains, you simply won’t find better scenery and more spacious trails.

But for the one-of-a-kind selfie, you have to choose the mule ride, right? The best part may just be access to the trail with a bilingual guide for both hiking and biking, which are included in your rate.

tourist riding mule in mexico

Unique Classes You Won’t Find At The Beach

In Cabo proper, perhaps you will learn to paraglide, surf or go on a tequila tasting tour. Here, there are some unique classes you probably won’t find in other areas of Cabo.

Rancho Cacachilas is very prideful in their land and they make the most of it. That’s why their classes, or ‘workshops’, are special.

For example, the ranch has been producing its own cheese since 2013. Guests can take part in learning the art of making cheese from the ranch’s resident goats.

beekeeper with honeycomb

If you have more of a sweet tooth, then maybe the beekeeping workshop will interest you more, where you will learn about their raw honey production. Yum!

Delicious ‘Ranch To Table’ Cuisine

As one might imagine from a retreat that produces their own honey and cheese, their menu goes beyond the simple treats.

The ranch takes its culinary offerings very seriously and wants guests to have a truly authentic experience.

fresh oysters with lemon

Many ingredients are sourced from their own gardens and their sister farm for fresh oysters and other delicious seafood delicacies.

So good, in fact, they offer the recipes right on their website.


Do you know what you’re paying when you want to book your next beach vacay? You might think you do, but rates always vary, and some places sneak in hidden charges.

By looking at Rancho Cacachilas’ website, everything is already laid out in full transparency. Travelers know exactly what they are signing up for and at what price.

booking hotel online

The rates are set and lean in favor of staying here for a unique Cabo experience when compared to the shockingly high prices of beach resorts, even in the off-season.

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