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Los Cabos Hotels To Start The Perfect Festival For Foodies Next Month 

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Los Cabos hasn’t always been a foodie destination but its food scene has been developing over the years, making it more and more popular among food lovers.   

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Award-winning restaurants, gourmet dining options at all-inclusive resorts, and well-crafted street food all contribute to making Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo the next up-and-coming foodie paradise.   

One way that distinction is being honored is with various food festivals throughout the year, and Los Cabos hotels are set to start the perfect festival for foodies next month. 

Los Cabos Paella Festival 

The Los Cabos Paella Festival will be held on Saturday, May 20th at a yet-to-be-chosen hotel along the Tourist Corridor that runs between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.   

The festival revolves around a paella cooking contest between some of the best hotel chefs in Los Cabos.   

Currently, there are already 15 chefs registered for the one-day event, which is in its 6th year.   

More About The Los Cabos Paella Festival 

The Los Cabos Paella Festival is being presented by the Rotary Club of Los Cabos and the Los Cabos Hotel Association.   

Tickets to the festival cost around $55 and a total of 350 tickets will be sold to those who wish to indulge in tasting the different paellas made by the various chefs participating.   

And the festival is for a good cause, as the proceeds from the ticket sales will be added to the Rotary Club’s scholarship fund.   

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What Is Paella? 

Paella is a Mediterranean dish that originally came from Spain, but other versions have been developed over the years.   

The basic ingredients of paella are rice, saffron, stock, and seasonings, to which vegetables, chicken, and/or seafood are added.   

Everything is cooked and served in one pan, perfectly melding together the different flavors of the ingredients through a simple simmering process. 

Popularity Of Paella 

Paella is not only popular in Spain, where many outside of the country consider it to be the national dish despite the fact that it was specifically developed in Valencia, but around the world.   

In fact, it is one of the most well-known dishes in the world, and even those who haven’t tried it have likely at least heard of it.   

It is so well-known and culturally important that the government of Valencia officially designated it as a protected cultural treasure.   

About The Paella Cooking Competition 

According to the organizer of the Los Cabos Paella Festival, Linda Mchatton Vázquez, each chef’s paella will be tasted by a panel of judges.   

The jury will then decide which chef prepared the best-tasting paella and has the most knowledge of the traditional cuisine of Spain.   

As of right now, there will be 15 different versions of the popular dish for judges to try. 

Los Cabos Food Scene 

As more and more tourists seek out destinations based on what kind of culinary offerings they have, the food scene is becoming more and more important in Los Cabos.   

Linda Mchatton Vázquez pointed this out while discussing the upcoming Los Cabos Paella Festival.   

She commented that “We know the importance of gastronomy in the destination, which is one more point. The people who visit us know that it is not just fishing or golf; Los Cabos is also a place to taste and have a good time. All these events are a plus; we win everything for the quality and level we have; it’s first class.” 

Los Cabos In May 

May is a fantastic time to visit Los Cabos, and what better time to go than when you can enjoy some delicious paella?   

There are plenty of hotels and all-inclusive resorts to choose from.   

And as a bonus, since May is a slower month for tourism, you just might be able to find a great deal on your accommodations too.   

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